How to Be Safe on a Road Trip


The air is crisper, the leaves are golden hues and the grass is a lush green before winter covers everything in snow and ice.

It is a perfect time to make sure the car is tuned to perfection and to hop in and hit the open road to see the changing seasons. You could plan a road trip to see what the world has to offer, or you could be exploring new job opportunities and new life possibilities.

No matter the reason you are hopping in the car, you could even just be driving around your state searching for Atlanta houses for sale and looking for new homes to place your roots, you still need to be safe on a road trip.

And since our world is currently living in a pandemic, it is even more pertinent more than ever.

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Prepare a COVID-19 kit
We are starting to see restrictions loosen across the country, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still be safe when traveling. You need to make sure you bring and use your mask whenever you are in close proximity to others who are not part of your road trip. You would want to create a kit with:
● multiple masks
● hand sanitizer
● Tylenol
● water
● extra toilet paper or sanitary napkins
In this kit, basics such as those listed above would go a long way if needed in a pinch.

Prepare your car
Even though there are some added precautions to take on a trip in today’s climate, there are always ways to be safe on a road trip that are tried and true. You always want to make sure your car is prepared for travel. Since it will be your home away from home for however long your trip is, you need to plan in advance for unforeseen repairs. Make sure you check and adjust, if needed:
● the coolant
● oil                                                                                                                                   

● tire pressure and spare tire
● brakes, belts, caps, hoses and filters
● lights and signals
● wiper blades and windshield wiper fluid

Make reservations or check hotels in the area of travel If you plan on stopping overnight during your trip for rest, you can make sure your trip is less stressful by:
● Making reservations ahead of time. If you know the exact location of where you are stopping, you should make a reservation before getting there.
● Plan ahead for hotel locations. You may not know the exact location of where you are stopping, but you can save time and gas by knowing the locations of hotels near where you want to stop so you don’t have to get on and off exits to find rates and availability.
● If you are completely waiting until you are on the road to get a room, make sure you call from early to mid-afternoon. Hotels start to fill up during the late afternoon and evening hours.

You have more control when you travel in your car, since you can pack your own goods and not be close to anyone you don’t know. You just need to remember to be ready when you hit the road. On top of everything mentioned above, always make sure you are well rested when driving, you have charges for all electronic devices, that jumper cables and flares are available, and that you have comfortable and weather appropriate clothes for the trip.

All of these precautions will make your trip safe and less stressful.


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