5 Ways to Maintain Your Style at Home During the Pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic has been hard on the beauty industry. Most salons have been closed for an extended period of time, preventing clients from getting their hair stylists’; expert care.

People rely on beauty tips from their trusted stylists to make sure that they can look their best. In the absence of this advice, many people have botched their looks with poor at-home dye jobs or haircuts.

Sharon Dorram, a celebrity colorist, lists the top 5 tips to maintaining your style during the pandemic.

1. Resist Boxed Hair Dye

If you are accustomed to getting your hair colored at the salon, you will almost certainly have a bad experience with boxed hair dye. This dye is damaging compared to salon brands, and it is easy to make mistakes that could harm your hair and make you upset about the way it looks.
Sharon Dorram recommends checking with your stylist to see if they could start a “color at home” program, providing salon products to be used at home to cover roots while waiting for the salons to reopen. These programs also provide expert help and guidance from a stylist to keep people from misusing the products and causing more damage.

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2. Wash Less Frequently

Since many people have been working from home, they are washing and blow- drying their hair less often. It can actually be very good for your hair to take a break from the frequent use of hot styling equipment. Washing your hair less frequently will also help it to stay healthy and shiny while avoiding split ends. Ironically, washing it less often may help your hair stay less greasy as well since overwashing can make the scalp irritated. If you need to shower on a day when you do not want to wash your hair, wear a shower cap.

3. Resist the Temptation to Trim

Even though you may feel like your hair is dying to be trimmed, it is best to let a professional handle it. Home haircuts can have embarrassing results, especially when bangs are involved. If someone in the family has the ability to cut hair, that would be better than trying to do it yourself. People who cut their hair themselves are more likely to make serious mistakes because they can’t see what they are doing. Anyone who tries to cut their hair at home quickly learns the importance of a stylist. It is a highly skilled job, and many of us have taken stylists for granted before the pandemic. It is understandable that people will not feel that way after the pandemic is over.

4. Shampoo and Condition Properly

The beauty of your hair can depend on the conditioner you use. Avoid cheap drugstore brands that are filled with harsh chemicals like sulfates. Try to buy salon brands of hair care, which you may be able to get online.

If you have oily hair, shampoo with a clarifying formula a few times a week, but do not use anything so harsh that it will cause your hair to break and tangle. Choosing a conditioner can be tricky as well, and depends largely on your hair type. Someone with curly hair will need an entirely different product than someone with fine, straight hair. Putting conditioner only on the ends is a good habit if your hair is oily.

People with drier hair need to be sure that they are using the right conditioner as well. Deep conditioning masks used once a week are good for your hair. You can buy a hair mask at the store or make one yourself using online recipes and ingredients like coconut oil.

5. Be Careful with Accessories

Since the pandemic began, many people have been wearing their hair up more often. Wearing your hair up is good for it to some extent, but people need to be careful that they are using soft braided elastics or scrunchies. Pulling the hair too tight into a bun or ponytail can lead to what is called traction alopecia or hair loss.

You should also avoid using brushes and combs that are too harsh for your hair. A simple wide-tooth comb can help to untangle hair after a shower or bath. A “wet brush” is often a great choice for any hair type.

Home Hair Care Tips Work

These expert salon tips will help people get through the pandemic period looking their best. They will help people keep their hair healthy and shiny even though they have not been to the salon in months.
Sharon Dorram recommends staying away from any major changes until your stylist can handle them. When the salons reopen and it is time to see your hairstylist again, be sure to tell them how much you appreciate them.


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