The 5 beauty hacks every woman should know


You know that feeling when you wake up in the morning and realize you have to get ready and hurry to work?

We often wonder how to look good without spending too much time on beauty routine.

Sometimes just a few tips and changes in your beauty and makeup routine can make our lives easier.


Fab Fashion Fix brings 5 expert beauty tips every woman should know…

1. Cold water to de-puff
When you wake up in the morning, splash your face with cold water. This will help you de-puff your face because cold water helps to constrict blood vessels and the cooling sensation will help to de-puff.

2. Swirl your blush

Healthy glow and blushed cheeks will never go out of style. After putting your blush on, you will instantly look younger and your skin will look fresher. How to apply blush? Use your brush in small circles from your cheekbone to hairline. This will give you airbrushed look and make your face appear more natural.

3. Chill your lipstick and makeup pencils
Your makeup can get cakey in hot and humid summer days and we all hate that feeling. How can you prevent your lipstick and liners from getting cakey? It is quite easy, just put them in your fridge for and hour. As they get chill, it will be easier for you to apply them. This trick makes lipstick go smoother on your lips.

4. Braids for all year around beach waves

Braid your hair into two separate sections and leave your hair braided for a few hours. After that remove the braids and bounce your hair a bit for perfect volume and body. In case you have missed it, see our Beach Waves Hairstyle tutorial.

5. Fix a torn nail
Nails can tear for many reasons. What`s the fastest way to fix a torn nail? Cut a tiny piece of paper from a tea bag, then apply a bead of nail glue to the paper, and after that press it on top of the tear. After the glue dries, then gently file the top of the paper so that it is smooth and flush with the nail. Finish with a layer of base coat, two coats of nail polish, and a topcoat.



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