The best convertibles for travel – Choosing an inexpensive convertible


What could be better than a hot summer trip in a convertible? The feeling of airflow, freedom, and hot sun cannot be obtained when traveling in a regular car. Many people think that a convertible is something expensive and not everyone can afford it. Today we will dispel this stereotype and tell you about several middle-class convertibles with a price of up to $20,000.

Let’s start with the fact that even luxury convertibles such as Ferrari can be easily tested. This can be done by renting a car. You can rent a ferrari in Dubai using the catalog. 

Here at affordable prices, you can rent the car you have always dreamed of. And Dubai itself is ideal for a trip in a convertible because its skyscrapers and sandy shores of the blue sea will make the trip unforgettable. Rent a car only from trusted companies and get only pleasant emotions.

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Audi A3

A small, stylish, and premium convertible, with a high-quality and thoughtful interior that can accommodate four. The trunk is small in volume (287 liters with the roof folded), but has the correct shape. On the move, the A3 will captivate you with its smooth ride and playful handling, despite the dominance of front-wheel drive versions. And you can quite enjoy the sun even with the younger 1.4 engine.

To buy a small Audi convertible you need about $16,000 for a 2015 car. You can rent such a car from many companies for as little as $60. According to the configuration, you can definitely count on keyless access, dual-zone climate, minimal power accessories, starting the engine with a button, and an “air scarf” system that blows warm air onto the necks of passengers.


If the first Z4 was a hard-riding sports car, then its successor has taken a big step towards comfort. The roadster lost its teeth-crushing suspension, sharp temperament, and M-version. But I got a hard folding roof and a more spacious and high-quality interior.

To become the owner of a Z4, you will need at least 15 thousand dollars for a roadster with a mileage of 120 thousand kilometers and a considerable number of owners. Although this convertible has a considerable age, it is very popular among car enthusiasts and rental companies. The equipment is not rich: leather interior, dual-zone climate, simple electrical accessories, and basic music.

Chevrolet Camaro

This car is familiar to us from many films. Many people have dreamed of driving a Camaro since childhood. Surprisingly, today this is quite a budget car. Inside, the seats and overall design leave a pleasant impression, and visibility is sufficient to enjoy the ride. This car is loved by car enthusiasts and rental companies for its style, charisma, and ability to steal the attention of others from many cars that cost three times as much.

The best convertibles for travel

A ten-year-old copy with a base 3.6 engine and a mileage of 115 thousand km costs about 17 thousand dollars. Options will include a leather interior, electric seats, projection onto the windshield, a rearview camera, and a Boston Premium audio system.


We have presented to your attention 3 convertibles that are worth paying attention to for driving with the roof open in the sun on your trip. Considering that these cars do not cost a lot of money, buying convertibles may not always be a big necessity. Renting such a car will be much cheaper and more profitable, and you can spend the money you save in a direction that suits you better. 


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