Three Things to Avoid When You’re On the Road


It’s hard to believe that something as simple as texting could end your life on the road but in a given year, over 3,000 people die because of distractions such as this. Staying focused and prioritizing safety is key at all times but if you will be traveling for days on end on a family road trip, then taking extra measures to reduce your chances of an accident is vital. Read on to discover three activities to avoid if you want to enjoy a safe, fun, memorable road trip.

Assuming Your Car Will Make it Through

Half the cars on American roads are over 10 years old and that means they are twice as likely to break down on the road than newer models. If your car is old or frequently breaks down, consider renting a sturdier vehicle that will allow you to travel with peace of mind. If your car is in condition, check your car’s fluids and parts before you take it to the road. Check the condition of your battery, have your belts and hoses inspected, replace old filters, and top up fluids such as engine oil and transmission fluids. Make sure your lights are in working order and also have the thickness of your brake pads checked. If your car squeaks when you brake, it’s time for a change. Finally, make sure all tires have the required tread to withstand drives in rainy and other challenging conditions.

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Leaving Important Information at Home

Road trips often involve travel along long highways, parts of which are far from local businesses and amenities. Make a list of the important information you need to bring so you can easily make pertinent calls to seek help when you need it. Items to bring include your license, car manual, vehicle registration and insurance information, roadside assistance information, and car accident attorney telephone numbers. The latter is smart to keep in mind because if you do have an accident or injury, you may need to take action quickly. If you are okay to keep driving, you can rest assured that a legal team will take care of negotiating your insurance claim and dealing with the financial realities of such an event.

Multitasking and Communication

Avoid using your mobile phone at all while driving, even if you have hands-free technology in your car. When you are talking to someone, you can focus more on the conversation than on the dangers ahead and you can easily find yourself speeding, getting to close to vehicles ahead of you, or even driving over lane divisions. Choose airplane mode for your phone and allow your passengers to take care of answering emergency calls or texts.  

The Great American Road Trip has never gone out of style and during the pandemic, it is proving to be a healthy, fun way for families to enjoy a vacation. To stay safe, avoid distractions, bring all the contact information you need, and maintain your car as required. Finally, don’t forget to take a rest. Fatigue is responsible for over 10% of road accidents and it is always easy to find reasonably priced accommodation along the way.


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