Planning your perfect day out – 7 items you shouldn’t leave home without


Summer is here, which means we’re all eager to head outside and make the most of the good weather, make plenty of memories, take lots of photographs and live life to the full.

But if you’re going to make the most of out of your day that it’s going to require some planning.

The last thing you want is to travel to your destination for the day only to realise that you’ve left something vital at home…it could make or break your day. So, with this in mind I’ve come up with 7 items that I never leave home without.

A good pair of sunglasses

Summer days mean bright, shining rays and there’s nothing more uncomfortable then having to squint the whole day because you’ve left your sunglasses at home. Make sure you’re prepared, and you have them in your handbag before you head out the door. Evidence has shown that too much exposure to UV light can damage your sight, so you need to invest in your eyewear properly so, click the link to find out more about the latest eyewear styles.

Sun protection

Not only is keeping your sunglasses with you important but don’t leave the house without a sun protection pack. Sunglasses (see above), a high factor sun cream, a sun hat and of course plenty of water in a reusable water bottle.

First aid

I’m not talking bandages and gauze strips. But the most basic of first aid items can really save the day if you’re in a bit of a pickle. Plasters if you cut yourself, disinfecting wipes, headache tables or painkillers antihistamines and even insect bite relief are always a big help!

Sanitizing products

Keeping those nasty germs at bay has never been easier. I usually like to bring some sanitising hand gel – ideal after using a public toilet or handling money – and even sanitising wipes, perfect for sticky hands post ice cream and even wiping down cutlery before you eat.

A fully charged phone

Chances are you’re going to be taking lots of photographs during day, so make sure you phone has plenty of charge on it before you leave. Not only for your memory making, but also if you need to use maps, or make an emergency phone call.


Low blood sugar can really but a dampener on your day. You might have a lovely lunch planned or a gorgeous picnic, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect your hunger pangs. Always keep things like cereal bars, raisins, fruit or nuts handy just in case you start to feel a little lightheaded, and make sure you have plenty of water with you too.

A light jacket

It might be summer, but the weather is still very unpredictable. So, it’s always best to take a light jacket along with you just in case. Even when the temperature drops a couple of degrees, or there’s a light breeze you’ll certainly be grateful for it!


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