How to Style Summer Clothes for Winter


Some items of clothing (swimsuits, sandals, straw hats) are commonly associated with sunny
summer days, but it is possible to get more mileage out of some of the warm weather items in
your wardrobe so you can wear them year-round.

While the concept of a “winter” and “summer” wardrobe has its plus sides, it’s not always the
most economical when it comes to cost-per-wear, so here’s how to adapt some of your spring
and summer items for the cold season.

The humble blouse is a mainstay in most people’s closets, and with good reason: it goes with
pretty much everything, and they come in a huge range of styles, from a classic Oxford button-
down to pretty chiffon (fashion brand Dainty Jewells does this style especially well). They’re also
a great layering piece: over a long-sleeve thermal vest, under a cozy knitted sweater, or if things
get especially chilly, you can wear both.

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How do you turn summer clothes into winter outfits?


Before you pack away your pretty floral frocks for another season, consider updating them for winter by adding a cozy turtleneck underneath and a pair of tights. Another popular way to winterize a floral dress is to give it a rock n’ roll twist by adding a chunky-knit cardigan and a pair of combat boots to create a contrasted look.

Cropped Pants
Keep your legs warm while looking cool in your favorite pair of cropped pants by adding a pair of knee-high boots. This look works really well with contrasting textures and tones: think denim and brown suede (don’t forget to waterproof them) or black culottes with black leather. This look is chic, yet also practical for rainy weather, as your pant hems will stay clear of any puddles.

Staying with the theme of contrast for a moment, floaty-light skirts just so happen to look amazing when paired with a knitted sweater and an equally chunky pair of boots. Short jackets work with just about any length of skirt, but miniskirts also look great with longer-length coats, so long as the hem of the coat hits just below the skirt hem or lower.

Pale denim looks ultra-chic against darker, more wintery jewel tones and shades of black. For wintertime, consider swapping out your sandals and summer tops for something a little warmer, like a pair of Chelsea boots, and a waterproof trench coat worn over a dark-colored rollneck.

Much like miniskirts, shorts can be adapted for winter weather by adding hosiery in a range of colors or patterns, and if you love tights, this could become your favorite winter outfit. A pair of black shorts can be incredibly versatile throughout spring and summer, but come fall, adding a pair of your favorite tights with ankle boots and a blazer gives them a whole new look.

Winterizing Tips
Layers not only add visual interest; they also act as insulation, trapping air between each item of clothing to help keep you cozy and warm. When choosing colors and patterns, consider adding winter pieces that tie in with the existing garment, for example a tropical print with a hint of black in it would look great with a black cardigan.


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