4 Tips And Tricks To Look Stylish In Your Winter Clothes


Winter clothing can prioritize warmth and comfort over stylishness, but with the right tweaks you can turn even the most practical cold weather garments into head-turning assets of your collection.

Spice up a sweater with a necklace

If you invest in luxury womens sweaters then you will already be on the right path to staying fashionable this winter, but you can enhance your look even further if you match your sweater with a necklace.

There are lots of ways to wear necklaces over sweaters in the winter, whether you opt for a choker to offset a turtleneck top and revive that 90s look, or choose a looser gold chain to go along with a chunky-knit alternative.

Pendant necklaces can also be a good choice at this time of year, working particularly well with darker, one-color sweaters that act as a great backdrop to showcase your jewelry.


Wooly headgear can still be cool

For years there was nothing as painfully lame as a wooly hat, but in recent years there has been a real resurgence in popularity for this type of headwear as a fashion accessory that is practical as well as on-trend. And you don’t just need to be a bearded hipster in a beanie to pull this off.

Bobble hats come in and out of fashion regularly, so keeping one in your wardrobe so you can get it out when the time is right is always sensible. You can also pair a bright beret with a cold weather ensemble to show other people that you are a fashion-conscious type of person.

The influence of après-ski style is also becoming more obvious in the fashion world at the moment, so a warm headband designed for keeping your hair under control while out on the slopes can also work well outside of this specific context today.

Go wild with layers for maximum impact

Layering up clothing is not just a great way to keep out the cold during the winter; you can also use this as an opportunity to make your outfits more stylish, while also being able to move from outdoors to inside without overheating.

For a more formal look, a shirt over a vest accompanied by a sweater and topped off with a woolen jacket and a cashmere scarf can be a great practical yet stylish combination. Whichever layers you choose, make sure that they are fairly thin to avoid feeling restricted.

Whip out the white clothing for a wintry look

Whether or not it has been snowing, white clothing can come into its own in the winter, whether you opt for a white coat, white boots or a white sweater dress.

Be aware that any white garments will be more susceptible to showing dirt, so avoid long hemlines which might drag along the ground and try to protect any lighter color footwear so that grime and grit do not leave it looking old before its time this winter.


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