5 ways you can look after yourself on holiday


Who doesn’t love the idea of relaxing by a pool or sunbathing on a sun-kissed beach for two weeks?

It’s the ultimate in holiday relaxation, right? When we book ourselves some time in the sun, we always have a little R&R in mind, but do we really look after ourselves when we’re on holiday? Exposure to the sun, dehydration, excessive drinking, late nights and bad food choices…all of these options can often leave us feeling much worse! Of course, you want to enjoy your holiday, let go and fully indulge yourself – that’s what a holiday is all about! However, it is possible to have a great time and look after yourself too. That way, you can have the best of both worlds and return home feeling fully rejuvenated. Want some more information?

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Read on for 5 ways you can look after yourself on holiday.

Protect your skin
There’s nothing more important than keeping your skin safe in the sun. If you don’t then you’re making yourself susceptible to sunburn, heatstroke and other serious medical issues. The answer is simple, make sure you’re being generous with your sunscreen and regularly topping it up throughout the day, you can find SPF50+ sunscreens here, by clicking the link. Staying in the shade as much as possible is also advisable, as is wearing loose clothing made of natural fibers so your skin can breathe and keep you cool. Don’t forget your sunnies!

Keep up your exercise routine
Don’t worry, you don’t have to sweat it out in the hotel gym – unless you really want to! Lounging around for two weeks sounds like the perfect way to relax and get some rest, however, keeping up your exercise routine whilst you’re on holiday will help you retain your current levels of fitness and make you feel good! Try walking to the beach rather than getting a cab, or give cycling around the local town a go. Enjoy swimming in the pool not just lounging by the side of it!

Eat well
The hotel breakfast buffet is bursting will all your favourites and what could be better after a long evening drinking than a greasy pizza! Holidays are all about indulgence, but make sure you’re also getting plenty of vitamins, minerals and lots of colour in your holiday diet too. Enjoy some of the fruits and veggies available – I guarantee they taste even better than the ones you get from the supermarket back home!

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Don’t get stressed
Unfortunately, holidays aren’t always sunshine and cocktails. They’re often quite stressful, whether it’s delays at the airport, lost luggage or other holidaymakers being inconsiderate. Look after yourself and keep your stress levels low, by practicing deep breathing and reminding yourself that this is only a temporary inconvenience and it will pass. Don’t let someone else ruin your well-earned break!

Get enough sleep!
You don’t have to get up for work in the morning, so why wouldn’t you want to stay up? Late nights are part of the freedom of going on holiday. But look after yourself by going to bed at a reasonable time on at least some of your nights. That way you’ll be able to enjoy your break fully!


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