Travel ideas for celebrating your anniversary


Your wedding anniversary is a chance to reflect on the life and experiences you’ve shared with your other half and to take some time to celebrate these meaningful moments.

They say that time doesn’t slow down once you get older and your wedding anniversary is no different. It can be your first anniversary and then your 25 th before you know it! So, how best to celebrate these sentimental milestones than with a holiday, of course! Just be sure to buy red wine singapore to commemorate the occasion.

Here are some travel ideas based on the wedding milestone in your marriage.

Paper (1 year)
One year since your wedding day, where has the time gone? Since the symbol of your first wedding anniversary is paper, a card couldn’t be more befitting. Before kicking off any of the more elaborate celebrations, remember to gift your other half a thoughtful anniversary card to commemorate the day. On the theme of paper, a trip to a UNESCO City of Literature, like Edinburgh, would be perfect. Get lost wondering around this dreamy, historic city full of romance and adventure. What better way to remember the one-year mark in your marriage?

Fruit (4 years)
Three whole years have passed since your first wedding anniversary and now it’s time to get even more creative! The symbol for your fourth anniversary is fruit, which leaves you with endless foodie trips galore. A trip to an Italian vineyard is a peaceful and intimate getaway for couples looking for a touch of class helped down with some quality local wine. While in Italy, head over to Sicily to experience all the lemon and blood oranges trees in their full glory for a truly fruity way to end this break.


Wood (5 years)
Wood is a great symbol for five years of marriage since it represents strength and growth. With that in mind, why not take a hiking or camping trip to one of the world’s most beautiful forests. Most notable is the Redwoods National Park in California. Prepare to be spellbound by the 300ft trees that form an unbelievable leafy canopy that will leave you feeling as though you’ve just stepped into a storybook – ideal for any hopeless romantics out there.

Silver (25 years)
With a few more milestones in between, you’ll eventually find yourself married for a quarter of a century! Undeniably, a lot will have happened in that time, so celebrating this particular anniversary is a must. Why not head off on the ultimate wild adventure with a trip to Vegas? The bright lights and carefree atmosphere create great ways to reminisce about all the crazy times you’ve had as a couple over the years. If that’s not quite your style, you could jet off on a cruise around tropical climates for a relaxing and luxurious celebration instead.

Pearl (30 years)
Congratulations on reaching one of the most sought-after anniversaries; pearl. Taking inspiration from the pearl itself, you could take to the depths of the world’s most amazing ocean with a trip to the Great Barrier Reef. Marvel at this natural wonder with your partner before
enjoying long, lazy days and evenings on Australia’s Gold Coast. You could even spend a day at Blue Pearl Bay to further celebrate this special occasion. If you’re looking for even more relaxation, seek out a Caribbean or South Pacific island and let the white sands and palm trees create the idyllic setting for one of the biggest marriage anniversaries.


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