The Best Wedding Dresses for Each Zodiac Sign


Weddings are a joy, but the planning process can be overwhelming—and choosing a wedding gown can be one of the most stressful parts. If you’re beginning to feel less than excited by your dress search, consider injecting some fun back into the process by taking some guidance from your astrological sign! 

Many people follow advice based on their zodiac sign for life in general, so it makes sense to look to your astrological sign for wedding dress inspiration as well. Using your zodiac sign can help to narrow down your options based on your astrological profile.


Aries tend to be trailblazers who are confident and sporty. The Aries will usually go for a trendy wedding dress that is not constricting. If you’re an Aries, you probably don’t want to be confined or constricted by a large bustle or corset. You should set your sites on a dress that makes you feel powerful and free but still makes a statement. Sheath dresses, which hug your curves but are not overly tight, are an excellent option for the active Aries.


Tauruses are meticulous and exacting about their purchases. They value luxury and comfort and enjoy finding the highest quality versions of things. Taurus brides will gravitate toward dresses made from the best fabrics, often featuring intricate accents. Classic silhouettes are an ideal choice, but regardless of the style, a Taurus bride will seek out a dress that is constructed well. 


Geminis are outgoing and love intellectual conversation. They are the ultimate air sign and will want a dress that will allow them the freedom to dance and breathe but still captures their dreamy qualities. Multi-faceted Geminis also value versatility, so set your sights on a convertible dress that can change styles between the ceremony and the reception.

If you are a Gemini, look for a gown with a subtle but unique feature that will get people talking. Unique gowns with lace sleeves or off-the-shoulder design.

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Cancers tend to be traditional and nurturing. They are also creative and intuitive and are often drawn to gowns with a conventional and even antique or heirloom quality. If you’re a Cancer, consider asking family members if they’ve held onto their own dresses—you can try to incorporate pieces of their dresses in your gown or even potentially wear one borrowed from a loved one.

If you do purchase your wedding dress new, look for traditional silhouettes, like A-line, and features, like pearl buttons. Keep an eye out for a gown that you can imagine passing down to future generations.


Leos are bold, intense, and energetic. If you’re a Leo, you’re likely a social creature who enjoys being the center of attention. You may have big, dramatic visions for your wedding—and if so, you deserve to find a gown that will make your dreams come true. A big dress with a princess silhouette and some sparkle will match your glittery personality. 

If you are a Leo, consider ball gown wedding dresses, which feature full skirts that let you take up space on the dance floor. The bridal aisle is your runway, so why not make your gown a fashion statement?


Virgos are often sophisticated perfectionists. They have great attention to detail and enjoy investing time into planning the important events in their lives—including, of course, their weddings. As long as you don’t become overwhelmed by the details, your dress-shopping experience can be an event in and of itself. No matter what style you favor, consider inviting loved ones to join you and enjoy the complimentary champagne as you try on different gowns.

When searching for your wedding dress, look for classic styles that avoid seeming overly traditional, featuring a sleeker look and elegant details.


Libras are intelligent, kind, and great mediators. If you’re a Libra, you’re likely the happiest and most upbeat in your group of friends. Many Libras tend to favor more feminine styles, and fortunately, wedding dress designs cater well to such sensibilities.

If you are a Libra, consider looking for an up-and-coming designer whose designs are on the cutting edge of new trends. Sheer fabrics and plunging backs can give a dress an elegant and innovative look.


Scorpios are passionate, independent, and stubborn. They value their authentic selves and refuse to cover them up—nor should they have to. Scorpios tend to be people of extremes and often prefer either very modern or very conservative styles. If you’re a Scorpio, you may not be quite as dramatic as a Leo, but you still want to make a statement.

If you are a Scorpio, consider a mermaid or trumpet silhouette for your dress. When you’re searching for the perfect veil to pair it with, consider longer, trailing options that will add some mystery to your look. 


Sagittarians are optimistic, independent, and strong-willed. They like to travel off the beaten path. Sagittarius women are often drawn to unconventional pairings–fashion pieces that almost seem like they shouldn’t go together but somehow work perfectly. If this sounds like you, consider a drop-waist ballgown or a two-piece gown.

You might even consider two entirely different dresses so that you can change styles between the ceremony and the reception.


Capricorns are smart and hardworking and appreciate structure. For a Capricorn, a wedding dress is likely one more thing to check off the list as they optimize their wedding. If you’re a Capricorn, avoid stress by sticking with designers who are known to produce high-quality gowns—either big names or someone suggested by a reputable source.

Less tradition-favoring Capricorns who still appreciate a more formal and conservative aesthetic can consider dresses with a collar or a suit look.


Aquarians are unique. They shy away from labels and are independent and enigmatic. If you’re an Aquarius, you’re likely seeking the exact opposite of a traditional wedding dress. Perhaps you’re even considering veering off the beaten path of all-white dresses, and if so, you should go for it!

You can add bold, colorful accents to your dress or pick a design that comes in a non-white neutral color like grey, cream, or a nude shade. You can also look for a dress that has glamorous design elements not be found anywhere else. 


Pisces are intelligent and creative and tend to be sensitive and ethereal. Your wedding dress should be timeless and dreamy, without being too conservative. Fabrics like tulle and chiffon can help you achieve the ideal sentimental look.

If you are a Pisces, look for a dress that uses flowing fabric evocative of fairies or Greek goddesses. Follow your intuition, and your perfect dress will come to you.

Look To the Stars

You should always trust your instincts when you are looking for a wedding dress. Your wedding day is meant to be a celebration of one of the most important relationships in your life, and you should have a wedding dress you will love for years to come. Looking to your zodiac sign can help you make sense of your style while narrowing down the options and make the process more fun.



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