What to Wear to a Casual Wedding


It may be a special occasion, but a wedding doesn’t have to be formal. In fact, many couples bunk tradition in favour of a day more suited to their tastes.

And unsurprisingly, scores of people opt for casual over classic when it comes to tying the knot. Where does this leave us style-conscious guests, though? What should we wear to an event that’s both laid-back and meaningful? If you’re stuck for fashion ideas, fear not. Our guide can help.


Mention the words ‘wedding outfit’, and lots of people will likely envision a cocktail dress or tuxedo. But long gone are the days when formal was the typical dress code for such an event.
So, what piece is best for bodywear? Well, women may want to sport a comfortable item, such as a maxi dress or jumpsuit. If you’re headed for a summer wedding, how about selecting a piece in floral or vibrant pattern?
Men, on the other hand, could dress down in t-shirt, blazer and matching trousers. Or if that seems too smart, a polo shirt with chinos could work just as well. Whatever you wear, make sure that your attire is agreeable.



Ah, accessories. They can really make an outfit – but how, exactly, are we meant to adorn a casual get-up? Easily, as it turns out. Just think about what you’d wear to an informal event.
Would it be a timeless necklace, for example? Or maybe a fetching hair grip? Whatever it is, why don’t you use it on the big day?
It will likely look far more natural than a fascinator or a large hat. To really blend in with the casual theme, stick to simple accessories.
Men, if you to decorate your outfit, consider earthy pieces like fabric bracelets or coloured ties. That way, you’ll be able to keep up with the dress code. However you choose to accessorise, remember that homely garments are often the most effective. It can be tricky to curate an outfit for a non-traditional wedding. But now that you know how, you’ll easily be able to do this.


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