How to Make Any Outfit Pop


There are some of us who like to keep up with trends, and others who like to buy statement pieces every once in a while, to add to a basic wardrobe. However, with the right set of tips and advice, you can easily add that much-needed oomph to your outfit. Introducing a few minor styling tips that will allow you to take the outfit from day to night, office, and anywhere in between!

A Statement Handbag

This is the first must-have piece to make literally any outfit pop. But we don’t want just any statement bag, right now you want a small bag to be the statement piece. 

Most tiny bags are barely large enough to hold your phone, wallet, or keys, but you can trust them to give you that stylish look without appearing to weigh you down like a tote bag would for example. Practical? Maybe not, but stylish? Oh yes! You can find some beautiful mini bags for women online via for example, and get them shipped directly to your house. Get your statement bag ready before summer hits and adventures begin. 

Add A Bit of Leopard Print

There’s no better way to make an outfit pop than to treat leopard print as though it was neutral! Using it this way will allow any look, regardless of how simple it is, to appear dressed up and even more glamorous. Alternatively, you can give the outfit a cooler edge using an oversized denim jacket to layer over your top. Layering with a leopard print scarf or sweater always makes you stand out and appear stylish. 

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Get a Detachable Piece of Fur or Fake Fur

Nothing beats wearing a detachable piece of fur or fur-coat outfit during the winter season to make it look so “extra”. While you may be tempted to opt for a sporty puffer or the classic wool trench, wearing fake or faux fur is always a fun twist to add. You can easily use a pin or vintage broach to attach a little fur piece to add an extra oomph with the fur. If you really want to be extra, feel free to blend the animal print mentioned above with the piece of fur. 

Bright Shoes 

Knowing how to wear bright shoes can make all the difference in making an outfit pop. The trick lies in understanding that you don’t need to match the bright shoes with the tiny bag or any other color present in the outfit. The shoes are capable of making a statement all on their own, especially in a stunning neon or red for example! Bright shoes can easily pack an additional punch when you’re wearing neutrals such as navy, black, tan, brown, grey, cream, or white. 

The four tips mentioned above are simple and straight to the point! Together with others not mentioned in this article, they can easily make your outfit pop without appearing to try too hard. Don’t be afraid to have fun experimenting and putting different colors and prints together to create something truly you and unique. 




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