How to Ensure Your Makeup Stays On Point Throughout the Day


No one likes having to rush to the washrooms everytime to fix their makeup. The funny looks you get when your lipstick stains your teeth are also not fun. This is why you need to take steps to ensure that your makeup stays on point for as long as you want it to, a few fixes here and there are not so bad but not those frequent ones. If you are in the office, you need to be able to focus on your work and not your makeup. Let us discuss a few ways you can make your makeup last the entire day.

Prep Your Face

The most common mistake we make when applying makeup is forgetting to prep your face for the products that you are about to put on it. Your skin is a delicate organ in your body and it needs to be well taken care of. 

Before applying foundation on your face, always start with a primer, which can be your daily moisturizer or you can buy a primer on its own. Ensure that you evenly apply it on your face and give it a few minutes to set before applying makeup. This way, you protect your skin from direct contact with the products.

Use Products that Match Your Skin

The reason why your foundation keeps looking patchy is because it is not the right fit for your skin type. There are different products for different skin types. Your beauty products vendor should be able to advise you on the best products for your skin. 

If you apply foundation that is meant for oily skin on your dry skin type then you will have a hard time keeping it in place. This can do extreme damage to your skin. You might also want to consider hydrating more often; it is good for your skin and face in general.

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Apply Like a Pro

At times you might have a perfectly primed face and the right products but you just do not know how to apply your makeup. Applying makeup requires technique and expertise. You need to have the right makeup brushes to use on different areas of your face; also, avoid mixing up different products on one brush. You can watch YouTube tutorials on how to apply different makeup products on your face. 

Did you know that there is a pattern for doing your makeup? For instance, it is more convenient to start with your eyes before any other part of your face. Blush comes last, it just makes more sense.

Invest in Quality Products

No matter how hard you try, low quality will always be seen and that is just a fact. A cheap lipstick will always show on your lips. After a few hours they will look all cakey and at times the lipstick will be wiped off completely, especially if you wear a face mask. Premium quality makeup products hardly need any fixing and will always result in an immaculate look altogether. 

When shopping for your eye makeup, which is of more importance during these covid times, invest in high quality lash materials that will make your eyes speak for you. You will also not have incidents of hanging lashes that have to be fixed every now and then.


Do not Use Too Much Product

Some of us struggle with facial insecurities and try to cover them as much as possible with makeup. This is not makeup. Makeup should be used to enhance your beauty and not change your appearance. Most people use too much product in an effort to cover things like freckles or birthmarks on the face. 

If you ask me, I think freckles can be your strong feature if you learn to embrace them and acknowledge that they are a part of you. Avoid applying too many layers of foundation on your face; it will just look all botched up, and trust me, it will show.

Always Set Your Makeup

After applying all your products evenly on your face, use a setting spray to seal it and keep it intact. If you forget to set your makeup, then it will keep wiping off on anything that comes in contact with your face. Even a simple tissue wipe in case of allergies will leave your nose nude. Then you will find yourself in the restrooms applying your makeup every few hours. The right setting spray also gives your skin a final layer of protection, and it contains ingredients that are meant to soothe and hydrate your skin as well.


Spending time applying a complete face of makeup only to have it melt off or disappear throughout the day may be extremely annoying, especially in public places. Hopefully, you’ve picked up a few pointers on how to make your makeup last all day. Your natural beauty is something that never fades, no matter what happens to your cosmetics. Maintain your skincare routine to look healthy and radiant regardless of whether your makeup stays or goes. Have a no-makeup day every now and then to allow your skin to breathe.



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