Tips for Caring for Your Skin While Social Distancing During the Coronavirus Pandemic


With everything going on in the world right now, we’ve all found ourselves in a sort of a pinch. Most people’s regular daily routines changed significantly. With social distancing and self-quarantine being in full swing, the effects of this new lifestyle will soon start to show. 

Not only have people already started to feel the negative effects this situation has on their mental well-being but many of them are already experiencing various body and skin issues as well. Various antibacterial products that contain alcohol, although necessary in this situation, are quite aggressive to our skin. That being said, let’s see how you can continue caring for your skin while staying safe and practicing social distancing during these turbulent times.

Try to stick to your routine

Even though nothing seems to be as it used to, you should at least try to follow your regular skincare routine as much as possible. Even though you’re not going out as much and you probably don’t use as much makeup, you should still see to it that you wash your face each day at least once. Moreover, since being stuck in your home all day can really dry out your skin, see to it that you research some good moisturizers for dry skin. This way, you’ll ensure that your skin gets all the necessary moisture and nutrients and is ready to face your new lifestyle. 


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Reduce stress

Might be easier said than done but you really should try to lower stress as much as possible. As you already know, stress is – arguably – one of the worst enemies of not just your skin but your well-being in general. That’s why you should try to make the best out of this new situation. Stay informed but don’t spend the entire day watching the news. Instead, try out a new hobby or dedicate more time to doing something you already like.  

Eat healthy

Furthermore, being stuck at home all day can easily lead to binge eating or snacking out of pure boredom. That’s why you should try and restrain yourself from reaching for snacks when you feel like there’s nothing else to do. If you absolutely have to nibble on something, go for baby carrots, celery sticks and similar healthy snacks. Finally, if you feel super bored – go take a nap! It’s definitely a much healthier choice than binge eating. 

Stay hydrated

Even though there has been some debate about whether or not drinking water can help your skin, it definitely can’t hurt. For that reason, you should try to stay on top of your hydration game. This is particularly the case if you still find ways to exercise or if you’ve decided to just start working out. 

Social distancing and self-isolating can sometimes become a bit overwhelming. But the fact that we can still call our loved ones and communicate with other people via social media makes the entire situation a bit more bearable. Sure, everyone will need to find a way to get used to these new preventive measures. But the sooner you create a system that works for you, the easier it will be.


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