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Australian based brand Yourtea brings us the best from traditional Chinese methods in selecting and preparing herbs for finest teas.

Their teas originate from Chinese province called Fujian, well known for their quality and excellence in tea selection.

Of course, Yourtea has somewhat modernized these traditional processes but the main principles remained unaffected.

Yourtea classifies their products in three main categories:
– Detox teas, used for losing weight and cleaning your metabolism and digestion.
– Wellness teas, also mainly used for health purposes.
Cafe teas which boost your energy level.


The herbal blend of Yourtea will nourish & cleanse your digestive system, providing it the support it needs to replenish and restore back to its natural state.

Each of these categories are represented with multiple products. We’ ll mention some.

Detox teas:
– tiny tea teatox (14 or 28 days of use, available also in gluten free version)
– skin magic tea
– liver cleanse
– happyhips

Wellness teas:
– Anti-C tea
– Antioxidant tea
– Breastfriend tea
– Energy tea
– Fertility tea
– Hangover tea
– Happy tea
– Her tea
– Man tea
– Sex tea
– PCOS table pack
– Sleep tea

Cafe teas are also represented in multiple flavours and these are some of them:
– Jasmine green
– Choc nirvana
– Premium peppermint
– Dreamy hazelnut

In addition to these teas, Yourtea offers a wide range of tea related gifts and wellness accessories like tea cups or beauty boxes.Their delicious teas can be seen on their website. All orders are available through online sales. Browse around this website.

Dear Stress. It’s time we broke up. Love, Happy Tea. 🌏🌍 #happytea #yourtea #TCM

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Tired? Need help concentrating? Want smoothng to boost your mood? Energy Tea. 🌏👻yourtea#YourTea #TCM #energytea

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Our Tiny Tea is a unique combination of organic herbs blended together to bring the ultimate cup of tea to nourish your digestive system with. Based on principles of#TraditionalChineseMedicine& created by qualified practitioners, this blend aims to give your body a gentle #detox (no laxative effect 💩😷), and to assist with: + increasing#energy + clearing the skin + reducing #bloating + aiding in #weightloss + decreasing #cellulite + improving#digestion + alleviating#indigestion + easing symptoms of#PMS + reducing sugar & caffeine #cravings by better assimilating #nutrients 🌎Full details on this tea and how to order at 🌏// 👻yourtea#YourTea#TinyTeatox#NourishAndRevitalise#beatthebloat #TCM #repost @missamorx

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Say goodbye to cellulite with #AntiCTea 👊 Oolong Tea is at the base of our Anti-C Tea because it helps to clear food stagnation and increase blood flow, so toxins are swept out of your body. It also works with ginger to increase your overall gut functionality. We also wanted to help your skin; while goji berry helps to increase your skin elasticity, chrysanthemum is a brilliant skin tonic helping to improve skin clarity, skin tone, and skin hydration.💦 Finally, we added green tea because of its high antioxidants, which clear free radicals from your body. Green tea helps reduce swelling and inflammation (such as bloating), and increasing your strength (more muscle, less cellulite).✨ 🌍 #YourTea #Cellulite #SkinElasticity

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