Five things you need to do every day for flat stomach


Summer is here and most of you ladies have probably already been getting prepared to shine on the beach.

For those who are not satisfied with your abdominal muscles, Fab Fashion Fix brings five things that should do on daily basis and the effect will be be seen soon.


 1. Morning exercise
Start your day with exercising muscles at strategic points on the body. Strong abdominal muscles will not only help strengthen the body but will also act as an internal corset and help in fine shape your waist. See the video below and exercise with Victoria’s Secret Angels. Take a peek, and tell us your favorite move.

2. Breakfast
For good abdominal muscles, you need to eat healthy breakfast. Your first meal will speed up your metabolism and boost melting fat. A healthy breakfast will prevent you from bad habits, such as that in a subsequent morning, for example eating a donut. Do you have a bloated feeling, the reason may be in the dairy products. Therefore, you should avoid them. Instead, eat oatmeal, muffin with almonds and cranberries, pancakes with cinnamon.

3. Foods you should avoid
When planning your meals, stay away from foods that you puffed like fatty and salty foods, soft drinks and some fruits and vegetables. Instead, choose foods that reduces the volume of the stomach, such as cucumbers, asparagus and oatmeal.

4. Eat fewer calories
You should adjust your nutrition so that you do not lack energy, and not to overdo with calories. Select foods which will fill you up, and you will not overeat or to ingest too many unnecessary calories. Include the following foods in your diet: nuts, oatmeal, apples, leafy vegetables such as spinach and spinach, seeds, eggs, yogurt, water, salmon, lemon, soup …

5. Cardio workout
Any form of exercise is good and recommended by the experts. High-intensity exercise burns calories in the fastest way and have the best effect. Especially when carried out at regular intervals. Therefore, in your usual cardio workout and add one with high intensity. So boring treadmill adjust the angle and speed and try to do 45 minutes of high intensity training. Of course, it still depends on your physical condition.




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