Accessories for a Career in Law


As a woman in law, you are helping to further women’s rights everywhere, and show that females can do any job that a man can do.

While this is great, you don’t necessarily have to leave your femininity at the door if you don’t want to. Lawyers do have a typical dress code which generally involves tailored suits and outfits in neutral, often dark, colors.

If you’re looking for a career in law, you’ll be expected to look and act a certain way at all times, especially when you’re interacting with clients, who could visit you in the firm at any given moment. This does not mean stripping yourself of all personality – your outfits don’t need to be plain and

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Some people say that you can judge a person by their shoes, and to a certain extent, this is true. Shoes are an essential item of clothing – you never leave the house without them and they protect your feet as you get from A to B, which is why it is so important that you invest in the right ones.

So, when wearing them to work, you need to consider comfort, style, and practicality. Make sure they fit well with a decent grip – you don’t want to end up becoming a slip and fall victim yourself, finding you’re the one wanting to call and speak to a Brooklyn personal injury lawyer (or wherever it is you’re based).

Make sure your footwear always looks fresh – no scuffs, no dirt, no holes. Heels are best kept medium to low and darker colors are preferable as they match with more outfits and can stay looking cleaner for longer.

An attractive and fashionable watch would not look out of place on a lawyer’s wrist. While you should ensure that it is not one that will beep or make any other noise, you also don’t need to spend hundreds or thousands on your time piece. Your watch will need to be fairly smart-looking if it will be on display at all times. Otherwise, if it will mostly be under your sleeve, you might be able to get away with more daring patterns or colors. It is probably best to avoid anything garish or truly out there, as you will ultimately be in the workplace.

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If your necklace will remain underneath your clothing all day, seen by no one except you, then there are pretty much no limits to what you can wear. This can be especially good for those who like bright and bold colors outside of the workplace and want a little piece of themselves with them throughout the day. If your necklace will be on show, a smaller statement piece may be better. Neutral colors of golds and silvers, as well as black or white, can work well to flaunt your femininity as well as to still look utterly professional at all times.

When at work, it is best if your earrings are not overly large or bold. A pair of simple studs or small hoops can make you feel attractive while not being distracting. These should, as with other jewelry, be crafted in neutral tones. Standard gold or silver items are probably the best as these should look
both elegant and smart. You can then save the more outlandish earrings for after work and your time away from work.

Remaining professional is key when you work in the law industry, particularly due to the serious nature of some aspects of your work. It is possible to toe the line between your own individuality and the appearance that is expected of you at work, particularly if you are willing to make some compromises on any usual themes and styles that you wear.


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