Best Gold Watches for Women: A Timeless and Classic Look


For centuries, gold has symbolized wealth and opulence. The Incas called gold “the sweat of the sun.” And when it comes to fashion, gold still signifies riches and luxury.

But not many have the time to scrimp and save for a real gold watch.

Plus, is it really a good idea to go around wearing thousands of dollars worth of gold on your wrist for the day-to-day? Probably not.

But you can get the look of a real gold ladies watch without the high price tag with trendy, stylish, and affordable gold color wristwatches for women from Filippo Loreti.

Why should you consider purchasing a gold watch for women?

Gold is a timeless investment. Even if you don’t want to purchase a real gold ladies watch, a ladies’ watch in golden colour is the next best thing. Small gold women’s watches are stylish and trendy, without being too flashy or overwhelming. If you or your special someone prefers a timeless look, buying a gold women’s watch as a way to accessorise a classic wardrobe is a great choice. But why choose one from Filippo Loreti?


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Real gold female watches may not be the most practical choice for a lot of women. We’re busy. We have careers and loved ones to look after. Wearing real gold isn’t convenient. But if you love the look of real gold, then wearing a golden-colour watch is the solution. 

Filippo Loreti gold watches for women give you that classic look, suitable for almost any occasion, without the hefty price tag or impracticalities of wearing a real gold watch. Filippo Loreti offers an array of stylish and trendy women’s watches in different colors and models. Chose from mesh, stainless steel, and leather straps with fashionable watches in gold faces and dials. Below are the top five gold watches from this classic brand of women’s accessories. 

1. Black and Gold Women’s Watch: The Marble Series Marble Gold Black

This limited-time offer ladies gold watch from Filippo Loreti is a steal at just $99. Showcasing a sturdy, real-leather black strap, this watch has a stainless steel case in golden colour. The dials are also gold colour, and showcase a classic, black marble face.


2. Silver and Gold Ladies Watch: Asea Two Tone Cream Gold

The Asea Two Tone Cream Gold women’s watch is the perfect blend of silver and gold. The crystal hour markers increase the glamour of this watch if you prefer a fancier look. This premium and elegant design from Filippo Loreti is a stylish accessory for both work and play.


3. Gold Mesh Women’s Watch: Essence Marble White Gold Mesh

The Essence Marble White Gold Mesh watch is a subtle but classic accessory for women. The gold mesh band and white marble face with gold dials are trendy and can match practically any outfit.

4. Gold Watch with Black Face for Women

Are you looking for a ladies’ gold wristwatch, but want a watch face in black? You’re in luck. Both the Essence Marble and the Marble Black Gold Mesh ladies wrist watches offer this look with gold dials for modern and stylish women.

5. Women’s Gold Tone Watch: Essence Marble White

This watch gives you a similar look to the other marble white women’s watch from the Essence line listed above. The only difference is in the strap. If you’re not a fan of mesh straps, but love the gold and white marble look, this watch is the solution for you. The strap is made of soft and supple Italian leather in a neutral sand colour for easy matching.

Premium Gold Bracelet Watches for Ladies from Filippo Loreti

Gold never goes out of style. With a premium, affordable gold colour watch for ladies, you’ll get the look of real gold without the crazy price tag. Shop today at Filippo Loreti gold watches for women and get the look you desire.


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