4 ways to save money on clothes that you’ve never thought of


I think we’re all looking to save a little more money each month.

And while most of us manage our money by budgeting, shopping around for deals and switching our utility providers for the best deals, when it comes to clothes and accessories, most of us fall short.
Whether we want to treat ourselves to a new outfit, or we want to look our best for a job interview buying new clothes seems like the only solution. If you’re someone who regularly splurges on new clothes, you’ll know that it’s not cheap. It’s a sure-fire way to strip your monthly budget, and if you’re not careful you can land yourself in all kinds of financial trouble – click here to find out more about debt advice.


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So, what’s the answer? Here we’ll look at 4 ways to save money on clothes that you’ve never thought of!

Sell what you don’t wear
Ok. So you have a pretty impressive wardrobe, with something for every occasion. However, I guarantee that most of the items in your closet very rarely see the light of day and may even still have tags on! If there are items that you don’t want, don’t like, that no longer fit you or you just have no intention of wearing then sell them on. You can either donate them to a charity shop or sell them online to get a little cashback.

Check the tag
When you decide to buy something new, check the tag for the care instructions. If it’s “dry-clean only” then you’ll have to pay each time you want it cleaned. It might not be much, but is it really worth it?

Buy out of season clothing
Buying a swimsuit in winter sounds a little silly, but in reality, it’s a pretty smart move. Out of season clothes can be as much as half price (or more) when you hit the checkout. So, consider searching for this year’s winter coat in the summer months or skirts, shorts and tees in the winter. You’ll save a lot of money in the process.

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Don’t be fooled by expensive workout clothing
Instagram is full of models who look great in the very latest designer workout clothing. You want to look working out, so it makes sense to buy the same, right? Wrong! You’re simply paying for a label. And most exercise clothing is made of the same materials and fibres. Instead, opt for more modest priced workout clothing and you won’t be disappointed. As long as it’s squat proof – it’ll do the job!


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