6 Must-Have Shoes in Your Closet This Summer


We’re halfway into 2019, and there have been some unique shoe trends that have come and gone. As a fashion enthusiast, I consider shoe shopping to be a passion rather than a duty.

And I know how depressing it feels to be left out of the latest fashion trends and getting to know them after they have died. Also, who would want to miss out on the best designs of the moment? Fashion reviews are one of the greatest places to get all the information we need about what and where to shop, and if you are looking for something special but are not sure yet, ShoeAdviser.com is the place to dive in.

This year has been so versatile with so many designs in the market. Whether you prefer comfy shoes, flats, sneakers, or heals, you’re bound to find something flashy in the market. Without further ado, I’m going to reveal the hottest shoe designs so that you can make them a part of your closet before it gets too late!

Sandals have made their way back into the fashion trend as everyone is looking for something comfy yet flashy to wear. Instead of the flat pool slides designs, Teva-Inspired Sandals are the new bling. The most worn sandals are the strappy sandals, with a T bar running down the middle. These “gladiator sandals” are all about incorporating the comfy with the sexy.

Heels have always been an integral part of a women’s wardrobe. The “Ugly” Trends of awkward heels have been taken over by a more refined look of heels. Wedged heel shoes are becoming more and more common as they can give your outfit a more polished looked with you having to wear those excruciatingly high heels.

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Boots are the most common and the most stylish shoe types out there right now. The hottest is the Demonia shoes which reflect a gothic, unapologetic, and a defiant lifestyle. You can buy these shoes at a very affordable rate and choose from a wide variety from shiny to simple black at iHeartRaves. You can channel your inner steampunk by wearing thick buckled Demonia shoes or wear a pair of thigh-high shiny leather heels to accessorize a cosplay outfit.

If you like the feeling of your toes being closed-off from the front, you are in luck as loafers are back in the hottest trend this summer. Vintage loafers with their classical style are famous for a daytime outfit or office wear among the ladies. They are lace-less, so they generally slip-on easily with elasticated panels on each side for comfortable wear.

These are named so because they are designed to be worm while training. With everyone being a gym freak nowadays, these provide a very supportive ground for feet and are comfier than any other type of shoe. They are also designed to handle fraction and provide the right traction
for you to jog and exercise without putting too much pressure on your thighs and hips.

Flip Flops
These are the ultimate summer shoes and are a perfect wear if you’re going to a beach or a pool party this summer. They are made from soft foam sole with plastic toe support in the middle so these are blessing for your feet.
These are super versatile and come in different styles and colors. You can go for something exotic like pumpkin orange or a yellow to stand out in the crowd.


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