Younique Cosmetics and the Importance of Being Cruelty-Free


When you choose beauty products committed to being cruelty-free, you take a stand against animal testing. You decide to turn away from unnecessary pain and suffering and support those who are like-minded.

When you take a stand against animal cruelty, you stand with Younique.

Do No Harm 

Direct sales company Younique continues to be committed to creating and selling cruelty-free beauty products.

Beauty products from other companies are often created after prolonged periods of testing that can cause harm to animals. In testing, animals are often subjected to multiple irritants, and the animal’s eyes may be rubbed over periods of time just to see what happens.

It’s harmful, cruel, and unnecessary — Younique does not now and will not ever support this practice. Nor does Younique work with any manufacturer that includes animal testing as part of their processes.

Beauty Without Pain

Creating innovative, gorgeous, and life-changing beauty products does not have to mean animals have to endure day after day of cruelty.

Younique was founded on a mission to uplift and validate.  It offers products to help empower people to look beautiful and feel beautiful — inside and out.

Younique is appalled by animal testing within the cosmetics industry; it’s horrific and redefined cruelty testing.

Appalling Tests

In animal testing, numerous irritation tests are performed on the skin and eyes without any type of relief. Some animals are force-fed chemical substances in testing that can last for months and lead to prolonged illness.

There are even tests where ingredients are ingested to determine the amount of a chemical that could lead to death.

Such tests are known as being undeniably unethical and evil but are made even more appalling since they are often inaccurate and unreliable.

Compared to humans, animals respond differently to certain chemicals, especially those found in makeup and other beauty products. The results of animal testing are often challenging to interpret and can be wildly inaccurate.

There are also numerous alternatives to animal testing within makeup and skincare development, including tests with human cells and those involving computer models. These safe and harmless tests are available now and should be the standard now and into the future.

That’s a future that Younique is proud to be a part of.

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The Younique Promise

There is absolutely no reason why quality beauty products like those created by Younique should ever come as the result of animal testing.

There is no reason why ingredients used in lipstick, foundation, primer, and skin cleansers should be developed after causing irreversible and reprehensible damage to innocent animals.

That’s a philosophy that Younique has stood by since its founding and one that will always be a part of Younique’s culture and business approach. That’s not just corporate lip service — it’s a promise.



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