Why is humidity in the crawl space a problem?


Crawl space is a small space usually attached to the basement of a building. It is used to store things. Besides its uses, the crawl space has its own problems. The main problem with crawl space is humidity.

Humidity Level:

The humidity level in the crawl space must be kept at a specific level. The ideal humidity level is 30-60%.

Problems of high humidity level

The high humidity level in the crawl space leads to different problems. The primary issue with the wet crawl space is that it leads to mold growth. This ultimately causes a rotting smell in the house. If the issue is not addressed earlier, living in the house can become impossible. It is also a potential health hazard for patients with allergies and asthma. If the humidity level exceeds a certain level, the water can seep into the foundation of the building.

Deal Breaker

The cost for fixing the crawl space with wet conditions is from $1200-$2000. It usually happens due to the low quality or poor installation of dehumidifiers. If you install a good quality dehumidifier then your crawl space will be free of moisture. So, the bottom line is that the wet conditions in the crawl space can cost you, but it should not be a deal-breaker.

Reasons for high humidity

The first reason for the high humidity level in your crawl space could be the plumbing leak. This bulk water could seep into the crawl space. It would help if you fixed this immediately. Even the dehumidifier fails to deal with this problem.

The wet soil is another cause of high humidity. During the rainy season, the soil gains high moisture. The crawl space becomes wet due to the evaporation in the soil. The ground should be covered with polyethylene to avoid this scenario.

Poor or blocked vents are another cause of this problem. There should be a proper channel for the outdoor air to come into the crawl space.

If you want to get rid of the humid crawl space, you need to remove the cause first.

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It would be best if you placed a dehumidifier in your crawl space. It will increase your air quality. It will also reduce mold growth in your crawl space. The air in your crawl space does not remain there, but it also comes into your living area. 

The atmosphere should be fresh so that it may not cause any harm to your health. Poor air quality increases the likelihood of allergens and mold. It also increases the structural integrity of your building; otherwise, due to humid conditions, the water could seep into your foundations.


The crawl space is beneficial to store your things. The crawl space requires extra care and maintenance as it is present near the delicate part of your house, i.e., basement. Humidity in crawl space leads to different living and structural problems. It would help if you took care of the humidity level. Always hire Richmond crawl space repair experts, if you face some issues like cracks and damage in this area.


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