Unique wedding and engagement cake toppers


From naked cake designs, dramatic colourful buttercream or uniformed royal iced cakes; there are many things you need to consider when deciding which personalised wedding cake to choose from.

One of the best ways to add your own personal touch is with a unique topper to crown your cake with a symbol of your personality and love for one and other. Long gone are the days of the traditional statuettes moulded out of plastic or sugar paste.

But before you get onto planning your wedding cake, you’re likely pulling together some ideas for your engagement party to bring friends and family together before the big day. And no party would be complete without cake. Plus, it’s a great trial run to see what you like before choosing the final cake flavour for the actual wedding.

Here are some unique cake topper ideas you can include for your wedding or engagement celebrations.

Nothing spells out the union of two people coming together than actually spelling it out. Letter toppers are a stylish way to add a sense of who you are to your wedding cake. Add a touch of gold or some sparkle with glitter lettering or create something more understated out
of metal. Lettering is also a great way to incorporate your colour theme into your wedding cake. Include your initials carved out of wood, add a love heart or maybe you would rather it said something more generic. Signs with Just Married, Always and Forever or We’re Engaged are widely available.


Cake bunting
A cute twist on formal cake lettering, bunting and decorative garlands are a great way to add a personalised message to your wedding or engagement cake. As most cake bunting is made from a few simple materials, such as paper, string, fabric and glue, you could try
making it yourself, if you’re feeling creative. Choose to cut simple, yet traditional bunting triangles, or add fabric tassels or confetti hearts to your decorative garland. Remember you can add letters to your bunting to add that extra touch to your special day.

Edible cake toppers will always be appreciated among the whole wedding party. Why not add something sweet to the top of your tiered masterpiece by adding fruit such as mixed berries, grapes, lemons, limes and tangerines. Brightly coloured, fresh ingredients can not
only help add a sense of seasonality to your wedding, but it can bring the flavours of the wedding cake to life. A fruit topper is a great choice to accompany chocolate flavours or to spruce up a rustic naked cake. As fruits are perishables and generally wet ingredients, make
sure these jewels are added to the cake on the day of the engagement party to stop it from spoiling before the guests arrive.

Decorating your cake with flowers has been a popular wedding tradition for centuries, but only recently has the use of real flowers been adopted. for something different, add ferns and greenery to embellish your wedding cake. Follow the colours and stem arrangements
from your ceremony to bring the wedding day and night together. You could scatter wildflowers, berry branches, roses or sunflowers throughout the cake tower or present a delicate wreath. Adding a flower crown to this delicious treat is an easy yet effective way to
brighten up pastel decorations or white cake frosting. Even if you don’t want to use real flowers, artificial and silk bunches have come on leaps and bounds – most look real and some are even scented.

Novelty cake toppers
Adding fun into the wedding receptions is on the top of the agenda for many couples; as it is a celebration after all. A great way to do this is to opt for a comical scene or figures to the top of your cake. You could even have a holiday setting crafted out of sugar paste of your
favourite place to spend together or include the beloved family pet or prized car. Novelty cake toppers are a great way of incorporating yours and your partner’s interests into the engagement party and later the actual wedding. Whether you want to include figurines from
your favourite movie, television show or your hobbies, you can have a bit of fun deciding on what to include.

With these unique cake toppers, you can design the perfect personalised wedding cake for you and your betrothed that your whole party will enjoy.


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