Unique, minimalist and yet so chic, the Fifth Watch Review


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The Australian brand Fifth Watches have rapidly manged to distinguish themselves from other brands by using the benefits of e-commerce and social media. Not only do they design watches but also they are a lifestyle brand.

So what makes the Fifth Watches team different from other brands? The sell watches only 5 days each month, exclusively online. During the other days, they connect, collaborate, and create. Their Instagram account currently has 418K followers and the engagement they have from their fans on each post and picture is quite enviable.


SoHo Watch from the New York Classic line. Photo: Fab Fashion Fix

Any self respected fashionista knows that choosing the right accessories can elevate any outfit to another level. Accessories are not just jewelry, the watches trend has been upcoming and rising especially on the social media platforms where users from all around the world share their favorite timepieces and style moments.

We`ve had the pleasure of collaborating with the Fifth Watches. Their SoHo Watch from the New York Classic line has been on our wishlist for some time and we were lucky enough to get one to review it. This is one of their best selling timepieces and it comes delivered in an elegant black box with sign V highlighted on the case.


Enjoying summer day in the Old Town of Mostar with Fifth watch. Photo: Fab Fashion Fix


Perfect summer combo, Fifth Watch and Strawberry/ Lemon Detox Water. Photo: Fab Fashion Fix



SoHo Watch from the New York Classic line with peach color leather strap.


Remember Carrie Bradshaw and her shopping obsession? She loved to shop in the SoHo neighborhood in Lower Manhattan, New York City. Inspired by that notion and dynamic style, the SoHo Watch ($150.00 USD) represents classic styling and timeless elegance. Its minimalist design is made of polished rose gold case and silver indexing.

This watch is so versatile that is comes with two leather straps, light grey and soft peach color leather strap. When wearing the watch on the hand, it feels lightweight and very comfortable. Both leather straps are quite soft to the touch.



What are SoHo`s specifications?
Made with polished rose gold casing, this watch has 316L stainless steel bezel and hardened mineral crystal len. It runs by Japanese Quartz Movement, with the ability of water resistant 5ATM, face diameter 41.0mm and case thickness of 6.0mm

Basically in one watch, you get two looks and a bold fashion statement. Completing any outfit with SoHo timepiece was quite easy. The soft pastel tones of the peach leather strap immediately set us in the spring mood and compliments were arriving from all sides. This versatile timepiece made us appreciate the moment in time but also looks so good with all key wardrobe pieces such as the leather jacket, tailored blazer, jeans and colorful blouses.


Coffee time with Fifth watch. Photo: Fab Fashion Fix













What makes this brand more interesting is that very soon they will be expanding their range, to be more precise, their line of bags and handbags will see the light finally. We are excited to see the new range. Good luck the Fifth team!







Images: Photos taken by Fab Fashion Fix


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