Technology is changing the way we shop


It’s safe to say that technology has changed many things we do in our day to day lives, but most notably, the way we shop.

From booking weekly and monthly train tickets via an app, to being able to do our food shop and order fast food at the touch of a button, performing simple tasks has been made even simpler thanks to technology. But is it all for the best?

Artificial intelligence (AI)
AI now goes hand in hand with the way websites are designed and marketed. With targeted adverts popping up on our emails and social feeds, it’s sometimes a bit scary to think that someone/thing is taking notes on our every digital move. Another shift and one which many consumers are picking up on is that e-commerce sites are now changing their pricing ever so slightly depending on supply and demand. This is prominent on many travel website where, unless you clear your cookies, the longer you stay
on the site, the more expensive the deals become!


Mobile payments
Gone are the days of carrying around heavy wallets, filled with notes, coins and multiple cards. We’re now in the age of digital wallets, where our credit cards, store cards and loyalty cards can all be held on our phones and readily available in a flash. Having everything in one place can often make it easier for us to maintain a healthy budget, as long as we keep track of what we are spending.

Smartphone shopping
Whether ordering a weekly food shop for delivery to our homes or shopping for a new summer wardrobe from one of the many clothing apps available, it’s becoming increasingly easier for consumers to get what they want, at a time and price that suits them. Unsurprisingly, this is having a dramatic effect on the success of the high street as people are heading out into town less and preferring to shop from the comfort of their own sofa.

What next?

What the future holds for our shopping experiences is still to be fully seen, but without doubt the technological future of shopping is set to be innovative and pretty exciting!


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