Style your wrist with minimalist and fashionable Welly Merck watches


Sometimes the most successful brands are those which create with love and today we are presenting one of them.

The Welly Merck is a fashion watch brand based in Switzerland and you have probably caught up with their inspiring Instagram feed where they share on daily basis photos and messages from their fans and satisfied customers from all over the world.

They create luxury watches affordable for almost everyone and each watch embodies a modern union of minimalism, quality and style.
How did the Welly Merck brand start? Some would call this story interesting while others will say it`s like from a movie script.

During a trip to Italy, American boy Merck met a girl named Welly, who is from a traditional watchmaking family. Born in a Steel artisan family, Merck himself was always passionate for iron and doing crafts. The two lovebirds fell in love at first sight and they made plans for the future.

After some time Merck came to Switzerland and finally married his beloved girl Welly. Later on after getting married, the couple created their own watch brand “Welly Merck”.


For most of us, fashion and style are equally important and both can reflect somebodies personality.

Affordable fashion and accessories that stand out with their timeless design are always the best to shop for. As the years pass and trends come and go, only timeless designs can always send the right message.
When looking for the perfect watch, keep in mind that a watch can send a potent style message and is a reflection of your personality.

Style your wrist the right way with Welly Merck timepieces that stand out based on their craftsmanship, design and style. Each Welly Merck watch has two hands design, which allows a more elegant watch face, and simplified design.

The Welly Merck watches are all outfitted with Swiss movement, with sapphire crystal glass and can withstand water damage at depths of up to 3 atmospheres. 

The 4 PM Position Crown gives comfortable horological experience, while you also have the option of interchangeable straps. You can change the straps according to your needs and mood.



The Welly Merck brand offers three distinctive lines of watches – Mesh watches, Genuine leather watches and Nato strap watches. Each watch also offers different case colors – white, black, rose gold, gold and blue.

The Mesh and Genuine leather watches can also be called the classic collection. These watches are minimalistic and unpretentious, dynamic to fit unique lifestyle of every modern woman and man.



How to style them? From your favorite casual looks when going for a cup of coffee to chic wrap dresses for a night out in the town, the golden details on these watches will give your every outfit a touch of elegance.

The Nato strap watches are colorful, fashionable and will make a bold fashion statement with your every outfit. The fun colors give a modern flare to your style.


Classic Sydney S (36mm).

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Classic Seoul S ( 36mm)

Images: Courtesy of Welly Merck


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