Skip the Sun with Skinny Tan self-tanner


One of the joys of summer season is relaxation, vacation, sun and bronzed skin. 

Skinny Tan™, a fast growing all natural sunless tanner that reduces the appearance of cellulite, is now available for the first time in the United States, just in time for bathing suit season.

Skinny Tan is a salon quality self tanner that instantly bronzes the skin for up to 7 days. Skinny Tan’s range of products contains a natural tanning active plus Guarana for an instant bronze that develops into a lasting tan. Skinny Tan makes it possible to tan and tone at the same time. 


Made with organic oils and a coconut and caramel scent, Skinny Tan goes on smoothly without streaking or off colors. Specifically, the collection includes high quality naturally derived and eco-friendly agents derived from the Brassica Napus plant that work to create a natural tan. Simply massage into the skin for a tan that looks natural, disguises blemishes, dissimulates cellulite and helps add visible definition. It is a PETA approved ethical brand, ready to make its mark in the US.

Skinny Tan is available in a crème, mousse or oil for ease of use. Retail products are available in a Skinny Tan 7 Day Tanner (Natural or Dark), Skinny Tan Gradual Tanner, Skinny Tan Tanning Mousse, Skinny Tan Tan & Tone Kit and a Skinny Tan Tan & Glow Kit. 


Fitness lovers, get defined abs with Skinny Tan’s Ab Shader

A Skinny Tan Applicator Mitt also is available. Product prices range from $29.95 for the Gradual Tanner to $54.99 for the kits and products can be purchased only from the Skinny Tan website.


Skinny Tan’s After Glow hydrates your skin and gives you a radiant looking screen with all-natural ingredients


Photos: Facebook/Skinny Tan USA


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