Simple Fashion Mistakes You Are Making That Affect Your Health


When we hear people say they are on a health kick we normally associate this with exercise, diet, and weight loss. Should our focus be on what we are wearing on our bodies rather than just what goes into them and how they look? 

Most people are completely unaware of the damage they are causing themselves by wearing day-to-day fashion accessories that are largely considered normal. They may look good and make you feel fantastic but they are inadvertently having an adverse effect on your well-being. We take a closer look at some of the items to reconsider and why below. 

Weighty Jewellery  

Let’s establish from the beginning that wearing jewelry is not a problem in itself, although piercings do commonly lead to infections due to lack of care and poor hygiene procedures during the procedure itself. The real issue lies when people wear heavy jewellery on a persistent basis. Earrings lead to damaged earlobes, necklaces cause neck pain and postural issues.

Collars and Ties 

Various issues are derived from ties done up too tightly and even more typical, a shirt that doesn’t fit being squeezed on rather than upgraded for a more suitable size. Both of these unfortunately common occurrences increase muscle tension in the back and shoulders, reduce blood circulation and can cause headaches amongst other difficulties.  

The Wrong Sized Cup 

Never buy a bra unless you have tried it on. The difference in various brands sizing is incomparable between cup sizes. If you are not overly cautious and have a bra-fitting then it can be a rather uncomfortable experience. A poorly matched bra can cause spinal pain as well as shoulder discomfort on top of potential wiring issues and insufficient straps.

Sandals and Flip-flops 

Probably the most common error of all. The beach will be full of people wearing sliders, flip-flops and sandals that either slip-off or shove their feet into obscure positions. Neither of which are comfortable or particularly healthy. They may be classed as essential accessories but apart from the slip and fall nature of tripping over them when your heels hit the floor, it will eventually lead to major discomfort and severe back pain.

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Massive Handbags 

Bags should be for immediate requirement only not to cater for every eventuality. The more things you lug around, the more unnecessary pressure you are placing your body under. The side you carry your bag on in particular will be forced to overcompensate for the excess weight which is unbalancing your spine with your oversized handbag that may look amazing but certainly won’t feel it when you have to go to the chiropractor because of it.

Pencil Skirts

These are a classic example of something that looks the part but is completely impractical and if worn too often, really harmful. Pipe skirts or pencil skirts as they are typically referred to as restricted movement which forces you to walk in unnatural ways and sit in awkward positions to compensate for the reduced room you have. Knee malformation, muscle strains, and a high risk of losing your balance and hurting yourself during a fall are extremely likely. 


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