Schedule planners in fashion blogs: VistaCreate recommends


Most people think planners are only functional elements of self-organization and time management. But the daily schedule creator by VistaCreate shows another way of using these materials.

Ideas for using planners in fashion blogs

Fashion blogs usually use materials referring to some periods or events (e.g., trends for 2022, Red Carpet fashion, etc.). As these articles are often related to time limits, it would be clever to use planners as another way to organize the contents of an article:

  • travel planner for fashion trends in different parts of the world;
  • monthly planner for tips on which clothing items to include in a check-list;
  • daily planners for giving examples of the best looks for different occasions during the day, etc.

Thus, a schedule planner can be a skeleton for the article. 

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How to Make a Planner in VistaCreate

VistaCreate editor features

VisatCreate offers you a wide range of schedule planners to discover. Templates for various needs can serve as: 

  • a basis for your visual content;
  • a plan to follow;
  • an inspirational aesthetic set. 

Whether you choose to make your custom planner or edit a template, you will have free access to the baseline features and downloading. It’s simple to work with VistaCreate, so even if you do it for the first time, the process will not take much time. 

Discover the templates of schedule planners on, and do your creative work with pleasure!


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