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When night falls, two things come to mind: sleep and romance. Getting adequate sleep is part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Sleep is essential because it boosts your mood and refreshes your mind. Romance, on the other hand, is an excellent way to strengthen your bond with your significant other.

Therefore, as a curvy woman, you need to put on comfortable nightwear that aids your sleep while also remaining attractive. That said, here are some helpful nightwear style tips for curvy women:

1. Go For A Chemise

This is one of the best nightwear options for curvy women. It’s a type of sleepwear that looks like a short dress and is usually made of cotton and silk. It can highlight your breasts, hips, and buttocks, making you feel and look amazing.

It’s advisable to wear it as it is with no other piece of cloth. This allows your nether areas to breathe properly after being covered for the entire day. But if you don’t feel comfortable wearing it, or it’s that time of the month, you can pair it with baby doll sets, a bikini, or tag pants. 

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The sleeveless style works extremely well. After all, no one wants to cover their arms and chest at night. You should go for the luxurious ones, such as these women chemises by Natori. Here are some options for you to consider:

  • Imperial Silk Chemise: This sleepwear is sleeveless, has oversized florals, and is extremely short, with stylish slits at the sides. It’s a good choice if you want to look sexy during a night’s sleep with your partner. It exposes your cleavage and curvy thighs and adequately highlights your body contours. The reddish flowers, with black and white hues here and there, also contribute to your overall attractiveness. Your significant other will likely want to get intimate with you. Therefore, if having a romantic night is also one of your goals, then this would be an excellent choice.
  • Lolita Chemise: This aqua teal chemise features black floral lace at the bottom hem and chest area. It’s a bit more flair than the imperial silk chemise and has a rounded neckline instead of a deep-v one. Teal is a bluish shade that portrays tranquility and peace. Thus, the Lolita chemise is perfect if you’re seeking mental and physical relaxation, especially after having a busy day.

There are several types of chemises you can choose, such as obsession chemise, tigre slip, sleek lace chemise, ava chemise, and many more. They’re all comfortable to wear because they’re made of a material that helps enhance ease of movement as you turn and toss while sleeping. They can also fit and enhance your curvy figure. Thus, your comfort and sex appeal are guaranteed.

2. Wear Pajama Suits

This type of sleepwear is usually made from cotton, flannel, or silk. The type of pajamas that you go for as a curvy woman plays a crucial role in determining whether you’ll sleep comfortably or not. Most of them are decent and comfortable. As a result, they’re perfect for evenings and early mornings at home with friends and family.

Here are some pajama ideas you’d want to try out:

  • Dreamy cotton: These pajamas are soft and flexible, with wide legs. They can easily adapt to the shape of your body, thus bringing out your curvy feminine features thanks to the stretchy design. When you combine it with the racy laces on the waistline, you’ll see why they perfectly fit as nightwear. They’re also a good choice during the winter season because they’re warm enough. Their soft texture also allows your sleeping partner to comfortably hold you throughout the night.
  • Tea Garden: These are primarily red with distinct floral parts. They’re made of silk and are baggy, allowing your body to breathe freely as you sleep. Your curvy hips will show through the light, lovely material, making you appear sexier. 
  • Cartoon Print: These pajamas are printed with witty captions and pretty graphics instead of flowers. With the right cartoon prints and colors, your curves can be highlighted. Think of your favorite cartoon character that your partner also loves. Or a pop culture quote that both of you can relate to. Your night together will start on a humorous note, and that’s a clever approach to making it hot. 


When it comes to nightwear, with your curvy body, you have to consider the level of comfort, fabric breathability, texture, color, design, sex appeal, and the degree of warmth it offers. The two main categories of nightwear are chemises and pajamas. Both options are perfect for curvy women. So, start shopping for your favorite ones from a reliable online or physical store.

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