How to use beauty blender like a pro for flawless complexion?


Let`s talk about one of the most revolutionary beauty products ever which has changed how makeup artists apply makeup. It`s the bright pink egg well know today as the Beauty Blender and it will surely make your makeup routine easier once you start using it. There are a lot of versions today in the market but the original Beauty Blender was made by makeup artist ReAnn Silva back in 2003. It won Allure`s Best of Beauty Award multiple times.

What are the main benefits of using it? It makes makeup go on absolutely flawlessly and helps you fix any mistakes like when you put too much bronzer or too much blush. When dabbing and rolling in foundation with your Beauty Blender you will achieve airbrushed complexion, fill in and cover any imperfections like acne scars, large pores and scars. Also this technique will help you save your makeup more because the sponge absorbs water and the makeup stays at top and the sponge does not soak it up.


So how to use Beauty Blender? 

The first thing you should do is dampen it with water and then dab on foundation for even and sheer foundation, and just use it without any water to achieve fuller foundation coverage. Continue dabbing until you’ve blended your face fully. The Beauty Blender can also be used for applying concealer, powder, primer and even blush. Basically this little pink wonder will make your makeup blend in perfectly. The edgeless and ergonomic shape ensures flawless application of any complexion products.



Photo: Instagram/_brittanylayne_

Photo: Instagram/_brittanylayne_




Do you need more convincing that you MUST try this makeup wonder? Check out the video tutorials below and learn step by step how to use the Beauty Blender…

Images: Pinterest

Video: Youtube/Kandee Johnson & Nicole Guerriero


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