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Bringing fashion into the office environment is a difficult feat for a businessman; balancing a respectable, yet fashion-savvy ensemble can be tricky. Samey suits all day, every day can grow tiresome, but anything else may seem inappropriate. Jewelry is the ideal way to incorporate some personal style into your professional appearance without completely overpowering your look. 

Not only are some jewelry pieces appropriate to a corporate exterior, but they also enhance it. There are multiple male jewelry brands that offer a wide array of jewelry styles to cater to any businessman’s fashion requirements.


Cufflinks are no longer simply items of convenience; they are now unique designs that attract attention and ignite conversation. Mechanical cufflinks in particular are intricate pieces of engineering that display smooth movements and adhere to vintage class. These accessories intertwine the complex workings of a watch with the classic refinement of cufflinks. The complexity of these pieces makes them ideal for the professional man, whilst also acting as objects of fashion. 

3 Important Rules of Wearing Jewelry for Men


Tie Clips

Similar to cufflinks, tie clips have long been considered as objects of practicality rather than fashion. Since, they have been reinvented to become fashion staples of many suit-wearing professionals. Typically, suits are monochrome, which leaves a lot to be desired on the experimentation front. Therefore, tie clips are a perfect way to introduce a splash of metallic colour into your ensemble, tying your accessories in together. 


A watch is essential to any busy man’s wardrobe; not only does it look incredible, but its function is to tell the time. The typical businessman will have his day scheduled down to the last second, so a good watch is not to be underestimated. Additionally, watches are arguably the most classic of men’s jewelry pieces as accessories that have remained prominent for hundreds of years. 

With this being said, you must select a watch that you will still love 20 years after its initial purpose. Watches should be considered as investments rather than mere accessories as you will want one that lasts a lifetime. 

You will need to deliberate between a battery-powered or automatic watch, as well as contemplate whether you want a bracelet or leather strap. Similarly, the size of your wrist and hand in relation to the watch must be considered to find the perfect fit for you. As always, you must also find something that suits both your budget and lifestyle. 


Bracelets do not necessarily have to be feminine and shiny, though this belief often deters men from the idea of wearing them. Despite this, many jewelry brands offer subtle and classic styles of wristwear such as leather bracelets or silver cuffs. These accessories are ideal in displaying the thought and care that has gone into the crafting of an outfit. Since bracelets are often neglected, the presence of one speaks volumes. 


Necklaces are most commonly thought of as tricky accessories to navigate when it comes to the modern man. It is not easy to tread the balance between a femininely dainty piece and an overpowering bulky piece. The best contender to achieve this is a slim silver chain as it is subtle yet masculine.


Many men believe that rings are solely a symbol of marriage, however, this is not the case. They can be worn as objects of fashion that look great but are not too overpowering. There are various masculine styles, including a simple plain band or a signet ring to tie in the metallic components of your outfit. 

Do not underestimate the power of jewelry from a corporate perspective, certain pieces can make you appear suave and professional. 
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