3 Important Rules of Wearing Jewelry for Men


Every person has different ways on how they express their personality, style, and their overall selves. How people exhibit themselves can be shown through their fashion sense, aesthetic preference, and accessory choice. Regarding gender, the use of jewelry is a common tactic used in complementing and completing a person’s whole look.

Men rarely use jewelry or often only use watches or armbands in fear of the risks and mistakes associated with wearing jewelry. However, whether you are a man or a woman, you can follow specific fashion rules to avoid these mistakes. This guideline is beneficial for men on how to wear your jewelry to achieve a better put-together look.  

Keep it Classy and Simple

If you are a beginner in wearing jewelry, the best rule you can follow is to keep it simple. One of the most common jewelry pieces among men is a watch, and you can start there. You can purchase a leather strap silver watch or a steel band watch for casual and everyday wear. If you are sporty and athletic, water-proof silicone and rubber band watches are the best choices

When you are comfortable with these simple jewelry, you can start using cufflinks and tie accessories for a more formal look. Choose jewelry with simple designs to your liking. You can then wear bracelets made of dark gemstone beads, a diamond ring, metallic earrings, and golden necklaces

Experiment with different materials used in making jewelry, pay attention to their style, and stay away from accessories with bold and chunky appearances. Choose the right proportion of the jewelry against your body for a sleeker look

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Choose your Metal

Most men’s jewelry is made of metal, so it is crucial to identify your preferred metal in jewelry beforehand. This may seem insignificant, but matching your metal allows a more uniform look. When you wear jewelry with different metals or materials, they will tend to look out of place or clash with each other

Here are some of the common metals you can choose from: 

  • Gold

Gold is a confident choice when choosing a metal. It is a vibrant and bold metal that would look amazing on an individual with a warm skin tone since gold is a warm color with a yellow accent. However, misusing gold jewelry may result in you looking bold, flashy, or tacky

Pieces of jewelry made with gold work well when paired with browns or other colors with earth tones. They are also perfect with deep hues like hunter green or royal blue. To avoid looking tacky, stay away from chunky jewelry in solid gold and opt for the more ideal small and inconspicuous pieces.  

  • Silver

Classic silvers and silver-tone metals, such as stainless steel and chrome, are neutral tones that are the perfect accessory for almost anyone. They are often read as grays and fall into the black and white gradient instead of the conventional color wheel

Due to its simple color, silvers provide subtlety compared to the bold and eye-catching golds. Silvers are easy to pair because they are versatile materials that do not easily clash too sharply with anything. Pair the silvers with black or dark grey, and you can achieve a sleek and timeless look. You can pair it also with lighter colors without fear that the silvers are overpowering them. 

  • Platinum

Platinum is a precious metal that can provide the daring look of gold with its luxurious shine and silver sophistication due to its elegant color. This is an expensive metal that is popular in making engagement or wedding bands

This metal can shine brightly in a casual outfit, such as a plain shirt and trousers. Platinum is a durable and classy material. That’s why they can cost you a hefty price.

Match your jewelry to achieve a more classy and professional style. Thus, it’s a rule to only have one metal tone in your outfit, except for wedding rings or heirloom pieces. Even if these pieces don’t match the other jewelry, you can still wear them. They are unique pieces with significant value and meaning, even if they clash a little bit with other jewelry

Just find the right balance between your unique jewelry and other accessories to still achieve your desired look. Mix and match to find the best combination of accessories that suits you best. Through this, a simple clash of metal is acceptable.  

Jewelry and Dress Code 

Pieces of jewelry can bring out more style and personality in your overall outfit. Mind what jewelry you will use in the different looks that you want to go for. Also, take caution on the appropriate attire and accessory to use on different occasions you will attend. Remember that less is more when it comes to men wearing jewelry.

A good rule of thumb to follow is that you will wear no more than two (2) pieces of jewelry on your wrist, only up to three (3) pieces on your arm, and a maximum of five (5) pieces of jewelry overall.


On every occasion, or even just casual everyday wear, you can use pieces of jewelry. Choosing jewelry depends on your taste, personality, and lifestyle. The purpose of jewelry is to enhance the wearer’s personality and not overpower them. That is why it is best to keep your jewelry simple and minimalistic.

Follow the simple rules mentioned above, and you can quickly achieve your desired look. Explore and experiment with different clothing styles and accessories to find what you like the most. Allow your creativity to express yourself further.


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