If you are a man who always wanted to experiment with fashion? Here are risks that are worth taking


Gone are the days when “fashion” was just a thing for “women”; many men are now breaking away from the “traditional”, “conformist” and dare I say “boring” styles and embracing new clothes in new colours. 

Look at the former One Direction member Harry Styles for example, who is upping his fashion game as the days go by (by no means are we taking the credit away from his talent, we love his new single album). But come on just look at him, he proves that pink suits are a thing can be ever so manly.

If you are someone who loves to play around with clothes and experiment with them from time to time, great. However, if you are not comfortable in coming out of the comfort of your shades of black, white, and brown, we would suggest that you take baby steps; for example maybe order some crazy coloured mens pyjamas online and start wearing them inside your house. You never know you might even start taking fashion risks outside the comfort of your house.

Well, whatever above mentioned categories you belong to, you should be aware of the fashion experiments we are about to tell you. These are some risks that you should certainly take; needless to say that you will attract those ladies as they love a man who can take these risks.

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1.) Say yes to colours: This is the most essential thing if you want to experiment with fashion. We agree that many men are opening up to the idea of playing around with colours. We also agree that the men’s section now has more colours than earlier. However the fact remains that many men are still not comfortable in wearing anything else than blue, black, grey, white and brown. So, boys/men, we need to see more colours on you.

2.) Try the combination of brown and black: Sounds odd, right? We know that this combination is majorly frowned upon and is thought of as a hideous pair. But believe us, if done right, this can do wonders for you. It is important that before you decide to give it a short, you search the internet for inspiration.

3.) Include coloured socks in your formal attire: Again, it might sound odd as it breaks away from the serious tone of formal dressing. Adding a dash of colour to your formal clothes with a funky pair of socks is a wonderful idea. The best thing is that it does the trick by breaking the monotony at the same time not being too distracting.

4.) Including two different prints at the same time: Yes we know, we might be asking for too much here, but believe us it is worth a try. Of course we are not asking you to go ahead and wear just any two prints, we are asking you to create a well thought out attire around it. If you are willing to try it, internet will be of great help.

5.) Experiment by mixing vintage pieces with the modern ones: Mixing vintage clothes with modern ones is indeed is a risk worth taking. They go really well together. So, go ahead experiment around it and we are sure that you will come up with something that will make the ladies swoon.

These were the 5 fashion risks that you must give shot to. Do not hesitate to go ahead with them. We are sure that you would not regret the decision of being bold in this case.

Don’t forget to loop us in when you try them.



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