How to write a great fashion article?


Writing about fashion can be extremely rewarding. An ever-moving industry with hot trends and inspiring events, you won’t be short of things to write about.

As people are constantly looking for exciting new looks and outfits to impress, you have a wide base of readers who look to you for tips and tricks. However, you also have plenty of competition. This means that it’s important to write great articles that keep your readers engaged. You don’t want them to go elsewhere. So, how can you write a great fashion article?

Do your research
Whilst you can probably write a great article off the top of your head, fashion constantly seeks inspiration. Therefore, a great fashion article will be well researched and compare ideas from other sources, which will be cited (find out more). So, stay in the know by regularly reading other articles and learning from key figures in the industry. Your readers will want to read relevant, smartly researched content that gathers information from different areas. They don’t want to be confused about where you’ve got your information.


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Use visuals
Whilst your excellent writing will engage your readers, they will also want to see some examples of the styles that you’re writing about. The fashion industry is highly visual, and therefore a big chunk of text without any pictures won’t do you any favors. So, whether you do your own photoshoots or you use stock images, make sure that your article is visually pleasing and tells a story. You might also wish to think of the style and layout of your article. Which fonts are you using? Do you have a color scheme? Consider your reader and think about how they might like to engage with content. It’s also worth considering yourself and your brand as a writer. What stories do you like to tell, and how can people instantly tell that you have
written this piece?

Be relevant
A great fashion writer is always relevant. They use their research to write about hot trends and topics without stealing ideas or copying others. You already know that you need to do your research, but you also need to attend events in the industry and network with important figures. Whether that means going to a fashion week, some networking events or an exhibition, you need to consider how to stay relevant in the current climate and attract your readers. What trends are currently interesting you?
Will they interest your readers?

A great article will be well written and won’t have any errors. This means that you always need to proofread your work closely and have a good eye for detail. You’ll be horrified if your article is published with a typo – especially if you’ve misspelled someone’s name. If you’re worried, it’s worth asking a friend or colleague to double check for any mistakes. There are also a variety of online proofreading services you can utilize. If in doubt, check it once – and then check it again.


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