How to transition your summer wardrobe for autumn


We’re now in August, and that means one thing; autumn isn’t too far away. After all, ITV recently dubbed the weather this month as ‘feeling more like autumn than August’, so already it is time to start making preparations for the seasonal switch up!

This will be a process in and of itself, so it’s important that ‘project wardrobe transition’ is done in a smooth and orderly fashion. There’s a lot to think about, and quite a big effort is required.
But where do you start, and what kinds of autumn clothes are best to wear? Well, here’s how to effectively transition your summer wardrobe for autumn.

Cleaning and storage
Before discussing what kind of clothes you should be wearing in autumn, it’s firstly important to consider what to do with your old stuff. The first rule is this; never chuck anything away. Just because you’re not wearing certain clothes for a few months, it doesn’t render them useless. You never know, if you act irrationally now, you may just miss the stuff you dispose of when next summer rolls around.

As the years fly by and the seasons change, our clothes for one climate need to be zipped up in airtight storage bags and placed in the loft; for autumn that means silks and linen, heavy cotton, and things like shorts need to be stored. Before that though, give everything a good wash and clean, just so you’re not opening a grubby bag later in life. Then, fold up your summer stuff, bag it, tag it, and stash it away safely.

Thermal clothing is a must-have when the temperature drops outside. If you frequently undertake walks in autumn or even play a lot of sport, this kind of clothing is essential. This is because the material is crafted specially to secure a tight fit to your body, thereby retaining your body heat far better when you’re outside.

There’s an aesthetic consideration here also. While thermals are highly practical, it’s often the case that style is sacrificed for safety – not so with these clothes though. Thermals are the mark of the truest sportspeople and the most ardent walkers, helping people brave all kinds of hectic
weather conditions to accomplish their goals. Pick some up, and you’ll like you’ve kickstarted your autumn wardrobe with logic and style both!

toppers for women

Trench coats
Some clothes have achieved vintage status by being around so long. Elegant, sophisticated and functional, trench coats are yet another example of practical yet stylish clothing. No matter who the wearer is, those who adorn these snazzy, showerproof coats immediately look more classy and capably in life. Trench coats are also a brilliant buy if you’re someone who commutes or walks a long way into work. In other words, they can fit with a professional attire well, slipping over suits and work attire naturally. If you’d like your outfit to look a little more put together in the mornings before the daily grind, a trench coat is what you need!


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