How to style a midi dress for any occasion


The midi dress is a staple if you’re looking for a cut that’s going to take you from daytime to your big night event in a matter of a few styling swaps. It really can be that simple. The key? The right collection of accessories, and the right dress to start with as your beautiful canvas. The midi style has a true classic, slightly vintage feel to it. And its versatility makes it the perfect piece to invest in if you’re looking to add to your wardrobe in a sustainable, smart way that lets you run wild with your every fashion fantasy. Here’s how to style the right midi dress for any occasion.

Find the right fit
First things first, let’s figure out how to find your ideal midi dress. The right look depends on the right base. 

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Pay attention to cut
A dress’ fit is the most essential aspect of your entire ensemble, no ifs ands or buts. If it doesn’t fit you and your propositions correctly, it’s not going to have the impact that you want and it’s not going to make you feel your best. A lot of the art of finding the right fit rests on the cut. Look for wrap, puff sleeve or a-line for universally flattering styles that make any figure shine. You can also opt for straight up and down column styles or figure hugging rib knit for something slightly bolder and more contemporary. 

Choose classic  
If in doubt, look for a simple, classic style that’s going to stand the test of time. Trends come and go, but a timeless, elegant midi dress will never fall out of fashion. Making it a wise place to invest your money, and perfect for using as the backdrop to your styling dreams. 

 Styling your midi 

 Try out these styling tips and watch your midi transform before your eyes…

Learn to layer
Layering is the secret to getting maximum wear out of any piece in your wardrobe, all year round. Winter months might not be the first place your mind goes when you’re thinking up midi dress outfits, but adding some thick tights, knee high boots, layering a turtleneck underneath and finishing with your favourite cosy coat will have you feeling warm and looking perfectly elegant. For autumn, you can simply opt for a leather jacket, a felt hat or a beret and a sheer long sleeve shirt beneath for mid-year fashion. Summer and spring are an easier time to let the cut do all the work for you and let your beautiful accessories compliment your look. 

Add embellishments
Jewellery is one of the easiest ways to add a stamp of personality to your midi. Plus, it’s quick, simple and a lot of fun once you get into the swing of things! Go for a classic, elegant minimal look, layer on plenty of colourful beads for a trendy ensemble or add earthy rattan and resin accents for a more bohemian feel. 

Play with footwear 

 Finally, your footwear. Shoes can make such a difference, particularly if you have some statement styles kicking about in your collection. Sneakers or slides will create a casual vibe that’ll pair perfectly with a denim jacket. Heels and strappy sandals will blend with the delicate air of the midi seamlessly. Try swapping them out when you’re just wearing your midi and watch it shape shift before your eyes!



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