How to Look Stylish Wearing a Hat and Sunglasses


The hat and sunglasses combination is a classic look, but sometimes it can be challenging to find the perfect outfit pairing the two items together. With spring approaching and the weather getting warmer, it’s essential to make sure you have the hat and sunglasses combo down pat. 

Not only will this combo bring style to the wardrobe, but it will also protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Hats also go perfectly with most attire, and using simple styling strategies can help if you’re unsure what look to choose.

The Basics

When it comes to pairing sunglasses with hats, there are some fundamental rules to follow. Firstly, it’s essential to consider frame size before splurging and purchasing the first pair you encounter. The bigger and wider the sunglasses, the harder to pair or wear comfortably with any hat. 

Secondly, match the style of the hat to the sunglasses frame. Something you should consider is buying glasses online and make a virtual try on before choosing a pair for yourself. Online retailer of designer eyewear, SmartBuyGlasses offers Virtual Try On by scanning a video or a photo of your face. After that you know exactly how the frames will look on your face, without having to go to a store. It would look a bit awkward to wear designer glasses with an average cap. Make sure to match your outfit’s tone to the hat, so everything flows nicely and complements each other. 

An easy way to pair hats with sunglasses and try something new is to keep a few favorites in rotation to switch out. A simple pair of sunglasses can match with different hats in different seasons. For example, a straw hat in the summer and a leather or fur hat in the winter would both work well with basic sunglasses.

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How to Look Stylish Wearing a Hat and Sunglasses

Baseball Cap

Baseball caps match with various sunglasses styles. These hats are typically a tighter fit and are overall more casual. It’s crucial to avoid designer brands or over-the-top bejeweled sunglasses when donning this kind of hat. Instead, opt for a sporty style with an athletic feel.

Sporty frames don’t need to include wraparounds or heavily tinted glasses. It’s easy to find a nice pair of sleek, feminine sunglasses that offer extra sun protection like aviator or rounded styles. Avoid anything too bulky or oversized since your baseball cap and sunglasses will be competing for space, making your experience uncomfortable. 

Wide-Brimmed Hats

The best way to feel and look extra stylish and comfortable is to choose a classic wide-brimmed hat. Whether it’s a choice between a straw hat or a boater, finding the perfect pair of sunglasses to match can be exciting. 

Larger hats are undeniably more flexible and comfortable in fit, so there’s more choice when it comes to sunglasses and frame size. Oversized geometric sunglasses work well with flexible hats because the two accessories can coexist and flow together naturally. 

Retro classics like cat eyes or black and white styles complement large, wide-brimmed hats too. If retro doesn’t work for your look, large, round sunglasses with different colored lenses work just as well. The same goes for oversized angular wired frames that better accentuate the hat.

However, before purchasing a wide-brimmed hat, the most important thing is to consider the fit. Make sure the hat fits snug on the head but isn’t too tight or too loose, as this will impact the way the glasses sit. 


If any ultra classic combination comes to mind, it’s the fedora and Ray-Ban pairing. Shop for Ray-Ban sunglasses by clicking here to find the ultimate pair of sunglasses that look great with a traditional fedora. 

Fedoras are generally smaller hats, meaning most pairs of sunglasses suit the hat. Larger rectangle frames work best with fedoras because they balance the hat size and bring everything together. 

Sunglasses and Hats Go Hand-In-Hand

Though it can be challenging, nailing an impressive hat and sunglasses combination can take an outfit from impressive to iconic. To find the best combination, consider styles, fit, and size. Remember to avoid anything too bulky or oversized for most hats, and everything will come together nicely. 


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