How to Get Your Wardrobe Fashionably Organised


If you haven’t heard of Mrs. Hinch, where have you been all this time? Mrs. Hinch has been inspiring people all over the world to get their homes looking organised, tidy and sparklingly clean. So that got us thinking.

How can we organise our wardrobes so it’s not only tidy but easier to put together outfits and get out of the door in a morning?
Here’s what we found:

Have a Big Clear Out
First, if you’re going to organise your clothes, you need to get rid of anything that you no longer wear or that is well out of fashion. But don’t just chuck it all in the bin. Organise these clothes into piles – one for the bin, one for charity and one for selling. For the latter, any big brand names are often easy to flog on the likes of eBay, especially if you’ve hardly worn them. Also, consider whether any of these out-of-date clothes could be transformed into something on-trend. For example, longer skirts may be easily shortened into the ideal holiday piece.

Organise By Category and Colour
To make things so much easier to find and match with complementing items, organise your clothes by category (e.g. jumpers, jeans, tops, skirts, and so on) and by colour. That way, you can quickly grab what you need without having to trawl through every single item.
A chest of drawers is ideal for keeping jumpers, tops, jeans and other items in while your wardrobe is the best space for items that are likely to crease easily, e.g. dresses, blouses and smart trousers.

Bring Your Shoes into Line
Don’t forget about your shoes, either. An ideal way to keep these organised is to buy a shoe rack that fits inside your wardrobe or keep them stored in their original boxes. But if you do the latter, make sure it’s easy for you to identify what’s in each box. This will save all that
mess and hassle of going through each box to find the right pair of shoes. Simply label them up with names or descriptions or stick a picture of the shoes on the box.

Stay on Top of Your Organisational Skills
Once everything is organised it’ll be all too easy to slip back into bad habits. From stuffing a cardigan back in the wrong drawer to hanging something up quickly in your wardrobe without looking, your clothes can soon descend back into disarray.

Plus, don’t just keep adding more clothes to your collection. Instead, try to get into the habit of throwing out one item for every new one you buy. That way, you won’t have the same issue of having so many items in your wardrobe and drawers that you can’t find a darn thing.


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