How to add a new style to your bedroom


Like to keep up to date with the latest interior décor, but not sure how to apply it to your home? When updating a bedroom, it’s easy to get distracted with what furniture to buy, the cost to paint a room or how to fit a wardrobe.  This can over-complicate a restyle and leave you with a muddled rather than cohesive finish.

These simple tips will help you add style to your bedroom without any fuss.

Create a mood board

Before you do anything, create a mood board.  This will help you focus on the right changes to make.  You can create a mood board using a free app or by pinning pictures and colours to a board. Have a play around and get ideas honed at this stage.

Take one element of a trend

Sometimes we see a new trend and get carried away trying to recreate it.  By taking just one element of that trend, you can achieve a simple but effective result.

Add accent colours with accessories

Colour trends change each year and even by season, so making huge changes to your bedroom is impractical. Update bed linen, ornaments or lampshades for a quick win.

Throw down an on-trend rug

The quickest way to transform the style of a bedroom is to throw down a new rug, adding a fresh color or pattern.  It’s a trick interiors fans use to keep their homes looking stylish.

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