Golden Rules for A Youthful Appearance


Most people are curious about and strive to maintain a youthful appearance as much as possible. How you care for your skin particularly when you are young as well as throughout your life plays a critical role for that youthful appearance. Combating signs of aging to delay and even prevent the onset of wrinkles of fine lines takes intention and mindfulness, because much of it is also impacted by genetics, general health, and the privilege of aging. 

That said, there are some golden rules you can follow for a youthful appearance.

How to keep your skin looking youthful

Never skip cleanser especially in the PM

Cleansing your skin is an essential step to help it reset and remove impurities built up throughout the day. This is particularly important at night, so you can remove sunscreen, makeup, and buildup and set the stage for your skin to properly rest and repair during the night. A double cleanse is effective to ensure you remove all the product, and then focus on a cleanse. Remember to cleanse for a minute if possible, and use a gentle cloth or simply let your skin air dry a little before applying next skincare products. Some people opt to skin cleansing in the morning, and a simple micellar water can help set your skin up for the day! 

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Do intensive nourishing treatments 

Intensive nourishing treatments give your skin that little bit extra that it might be craving. They offer ingredients that you may not use or be able to use on a daily basis, and they also encourage you to take that little bit of extra time to treat your skin well. Make sure to use high quality products with nutrient-dense formulas, like the Blue Lagoon algae mask for example, that nourishes the skin and stimulates collagen production.

Apply a facial moisturizer every day

A facial moisturizer is an essential skincare product to use every day. Even if you have oily skin, you want to be sure you are applying a moisturizer otherwise you can end up encouraging your skin to produce even more oil because it isn’t properly moisturized. Many people find it helpful to use a lighter moisturizer in the morning and a more nourishing moisturizer in the evening.

Always protect your skin from the sun

Sun protection is essential, both for the health and the appearance of your skin. Even if you are doing all the other steps you could possibly do for your skin to remain looking youthful, if you are skipping out on sunscreen and/or sun protection you are missing out on a critical step! There is no substitution product-wise for sunscreen, so be sure to put in the time to find one you like and that your skin likes! You can also incorporate using a proper sunhat and opting for spaces that provide more shade than direct sun.

These steps here are focused on the external skin-focused products and habits you can incorporate to focus on a youthful appearance, but it is also important to eat clean, exercise regularly and get adequate sleep for your overall health and skin. 



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