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Loewe brand, a Spanish luxury fashion brand established since 1846 has rich, oldest cultural and historical background. An interesting fact is that Enrique Loewe Roessberg, the founder of this company landed in Madrid Spain from Germany. He was a German craftsman who has done his specialization in leather working. Today, Loewe is leading in fashion industry with its impressions in 32 countries with 160 outlets working now. 

Loewe is associated with Circulo Fortuny as a founding member representing Spanish luxury and glory globally. If you wanted to see innovation with cultural fusion, Loewe is the best among all other brands. Fashion and culture can make a perfect math, Loewe taught us. It is the only brand in Spain famous for leather and silk.    

An Insight to Loewe Store in Spain

Loewe presence in the heart of Barcelona is one of the unique and true representations of Spanish luxury brand spread on 580 sq. meters approx. This state of the art fashion house showcase the Lowe’s 166 years ongoing history study which tells the visitors it’s Iconic Products and leathers evolution over the time. 

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he LOEWE Spring Summer 2021 campaign features the new Anagram Jacquard line, including the Balloon, Hammock and Cubi bags. (Photo by Loewe/Facebook)


It is designed by dividing it into different levels. The basement walls are dedicated to its artistically designed prints, skills projecting the story of Spanish heritage and rich culture. The silk panels are the eye caching view that symbolizes the Loewe journey and struggle in establishing its leading reputation in the fashion industry. The exclusive portray of dancing fabrics by the artist Daniel Wurtzel also indicates the efforts put in by Spanish dancers for the Spanish dancing and choreography field.

Ground Floor           

Ground Floor is dedicated to an insight on the reconstruction of the store in 1960 due of its unforgettable historical background that can be termed as Loewe legacy. In 1970, Loewe introduced an Amazona Loewe’s leather signature bag which turned out to be the best seller product since 1970.Its design was actually inspired from the technique used in construction of Sagrada Familia, Gaudi’s Church that are considered as the most renowned icon in Barcelona history. They have displayed its various stages including assembling, its components parts, tools used in its making with an interesting hologram depicting the Amazona Bag preparation stages. 

1st Floor       

1st Floor is featuring the well-known and famous leather material for which Loewe is famous all over the world. It is highlighting the tangible properties of Loewe’s leathering. It is displayed with an idea of a large tree which is focusing its past, present and future with roots, new shoots and branches. It is wonderfully displayed in an artistic manner leaving an explicit impression on its visitors. It has been mapped projection in 13 different languages focusing the global reputation. 

 Top Floor  

The top floor is made for the exhibition displays, temporary shows and contemporary sitting lounge area for visitors to sit and relax. There are interactive tables with displaying images of Loewe brands and its history. It helps the visitors to learn more about the journey of Loewe brand and its meaning in its true sense.     


Loewe’s new line that sees our house motif three-dimensionally woven into canvas. (Photo by loewe.com)

All the inner building walls are decorated with animated graphic displays making a visual story of Loewe story in a most inventive style to capture the attention of visitors not only but to discover the brand specialty in its true sense. 


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