Meet Survival Straps, fall`s best men’s fall luxury wristwear


When it comes to men’s luxury wristwear, being innovative and stylish attracts attention.

Survival Straps®, creator of the original Survival BraceletTM, is putting a new twist on wearable survival gear with the introduction of the Helo Rescue Bracelet.

A luxury fashion piece, the bracelet is constructed with genuine helicopter rescue cable joined by a clasp designed to replicate the hook used to secure people and gear to the cable during flight missions.

Founded in 2006 by Kurt Walchle at his kitchen table, today this brand`s gear continues to be handmade in the U.S.A. with the finest care and craftsmanship.


True to the roots of Survival Straps, the Helo Rescue bracelet is inspired by friends and family in the military who have spent a portion of their service in and out helicopters. Survival Straps® partnered with one of America’s top, outside the box, jewelry designers to create this special piece.

The body of the Helo Rescue Bracelet is made from authentic 6mm cable used to hoist brave men and women in and out of helicopters. The cable is put through a special refinement process where it is formed and then treated with a nearly indestructible coating. The customer can choose either the Black Diamond finish (for a stealth look) or White Diamond finish (for a bright stainless look).

The clasp is an exact replica of the hook used on the hoist mechanism of helicopters. Made of 316-grade stainless steel, the Helo Rescue Bracelet will never rust, discolor, fade or break. This is one beautiful and serious piece of jewelry that will last forever.


“Even though the Helo Rescue Bracelet is outside the realm of what our customers have come to expect from the Survival Straps brand, these new pieces embody one of the most important missions of our company, honoring service men and women,” said CEO Kurt Walchle. “Plus, they look incredible and have the same edge, toughness and make a statement like our paracord bracelets always have, so I know they will be a popular item for our customers interested in a more high-end statement piece for daily wear.”

The Helo Rescue Bracelet ($250) is available now at Survival Straps website.


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