Discover the elegance of Dover Watch Series from JORD Wood Watches


This spring we fall in love with the unique and stylish watches made by JORD Wood Watches.

JORD was derived from a desire for timepieces that model our modern lifestyle. Sustainable, efficient, simple, and influenced by experiential living. Continuing their story of success, JORD brings new elegant timepieces in their Dover series…


Ebony & Copper Watch from Dover Series ($295) – Copper alloys are known for their versatility and luster. We’ve incorporated just the right amount of elegance with some pop in our Dover Ebony & Copper. Rich ebony is set off by a brilliant ring of genuine copper. A true collection of elements that makes for an eye-catching timepiece.



Ebony & Rosewood Watch from Dover Series ($295) – In this watch Rosewood and Ebony are combined into the most visually arresting Dover. The depth of tone in the dark black ebony is grounding, the crimson of the rosewood energizing, the contrasts in extremes will ignite even the casual observer.




Zebrawood & Dark Sandalwood Watch from Dover Series ($295) – Tailor made or tailored to fit, your moves are always measured. The details are essential to the overall design of your days because when all the angles are worked out, the path is clear. Determined and purposeful, your time is never wasted. The synchronized style you seek can be found in Dover Zebrawood & Cream watch, a striking study in complex and calculated design.



Koa & Black Watch from Dover Series ($295) – Tinkering around in your parent’s garage and playing with things you shouldn’t, you were an inventor from the start. Having a thing is never enough. You need to know the how, why, and what of the build. Your foundation for innovation is equal parts curiosity and creation.





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