Bring your favorite pair of jeans back to life with Heal my jeans!


The perfect denim jeans, white, blue or black will never go out of style. Every woman must have in her wardrobe the pair of perfect black jeans which can be combined in numerous ways. But are your favorite black jeans fading? Let Heal my Jeans bring your favorite, perfect fitting faded black jeans back to black by re-dying them back to life.

Heal my jeans are dedicated to creating the darkest rinse, with the most professional dyes, all done by hand. Basically, they will rock them! How to save your faded jeans? Just send your faded blacks in, $48 for a pair and they’ll be newly dyed, and brought back to life. And if you happen to be on the road touring with your band, they’ll ship back the concert-worthy jeans to meet you at your next gig, no joke. Restoration denim.

For more information visit Heal my Jeans website.


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