Beauty: 6 make-up tips&tricks from famous make-up artists


Some make-up tricks you may have already heard or read at least a dozen times – such as that the white pencil in the inner corner of the eye which will visually increase the eye. However, some tricks of professional makeup artists are jealously kept among themselves. Fab Fashion Fix brings six of those tips and tricks, somewhat unusual solutions to beauty problems and these tips will make your beauty routine even easier.


1. Prevent excessive shine
To remove excess shine from your T-zone, Revlon artistic director Gucci Westman always carries in her suitcase papers for the absorption of oil from skin. Sometimes she also uses quite unusual solution – she takes deodorant stick on her fingers and taps it to the critical areas for a matte effect.

2. Improve your face powder
Celebrity makeup artist, Brett Freedman, who has at its disposal more than enough liquid powders, primers and tinted moisturizers, quite often uses foundation for his clients like Leighton Meester. Then he uses a special tip – dilute face powder with aloe vera gel. Before using foundation, mix it with a little of aloe vera gel – the texture will be better looking for the use of powder, it will give you a perfect complexion and the result will be a natural, dewy look.”

3. Shape your eyebrows
Doug Howell, a member of NARS’s make-up team has a simple trick to visually enlarge the eyes: “Eye shadow eyebrows with ordinary eye shadow powder which will define the brow shape, and give special attention to the top of the eyebrow arch. Since this is its highest part, if the top of the arch is precisely defined, the shaped area below the brow will seem bigger. ”

4. Change the eyeliner or eye pencil
Another way to visually increase the eye is to replace your standard black eye pencil or eyeliner with olive green, brown, gray or purple colors. “Black eyeliner can often make your eyes look smaller. Bit lighter shade, either gray or brown, will provide a more natural feel while at the same time define the eye and give it depth.”

5. Make your lipstick last
MAC’s make-up artist Louise Zizzo uses transparent gel for fixing eyebrows in a somewhat strange way: it is applied to the lips. Apply to the outer edge of the lip, as the gel will extend the durability of lipstick and prevent it from spreading.

6. Highlights eyelashes without mascara
Personal make-up artist of actresses Emma Stone and Ashley Green has a special tip – use eyeliner instead of standard shower mascara to give your eyelashes volume. The trick is that black or dark brown waterproof eyeliner is applied between and slightly below the lashes instead of on top lashes.




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