Arizona Muse for Vogue Australia December 2013


American model Arizona Muse (Next) stars at the cover of Vogue magazine Australia December 2013 issue. Photographed by Nathaniel Goldberg and styled by Jillian Davison. The enchanting Arizona, who is one of the muses of beauty brand Estee Lauder, continuosly evokes the retro elegance. With her louche hair locks and easy elegance she reminds us of the timeless elegance of old Hollywood screen siren Lauren Bacall.

vogue-australia-2013-12-dec (dragged)

vogue-australia-2013-12-dec (dragged) 1

vogue-australia-2013-12-dec (dragged) 2

vogue-australia-2013-12-dec (dragged) 3

vogue-australia-2013-12-dec (dragged) 5

vogue-australia-2013-12-dec (dragged) 6

vogue-australia-2013-12-dec (dragged) 7

vogue-australia-2013-12-dec (dragged) 9

vogue-australia-2013-12-dec (dragged) 11

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