Amazing Undercut Women Haircuts to Make A Statement


It is with no doubt that undercut women haircuts are some of the trendiest hairstyles in 2019. They are extreme kind of haircuts that feature both areas trimmed very short or even sometimes shaven.

Though in the past it was considered as men’s haircuts, undercut women are increasingly being rocked by women and they look even better than when worn by men.

And the best thing is that an undercut can be worn on short medium and long locks. Well, we understand few ladies would be willing to shave their temple, but if you need to add more edge to your style, why not be brave and it a shot at least once and see how things turn out? After all, your hair will grow out and you have nothing to lose. Again, your stylist will guide you to choose the right undercut women style that rocks your looks, so chances of it backfiring will be low.

  • Smokey Lavender Undercut

The undercut for women is on the side, adding a fun detail to your face, with different hues and colour combination; this can be the best timeless hairstyle. If you are tired of the haircuts, you can brush it over and let it grow out. The short section of our hair works best with chi length to long hair to ensure that you have enough hair to cover up the undercut part. 


  • Platinum Under the Shaved Pixie

This is one of the ways to rock an undercut woman outside the traditional shaved sides and back sections of your hair. People who are daring give it a Mohawk look, with low haircut you can create stripped designs or even dye it with your favourite colour hues. This is a unique look but one that everyone is yearning to try.

  • Hairstyles with Two Directions

Two direction hair is like having two distinct personalities; one side will leave your hair shorter with the other direction of the hair is longer. Add drama by creating a distinct line that separates the two directions of hair instead of leaving the border to be blurred. Moreover, different hues can give you the desired look with little effort.

  • Feminine Designs

Artistic designs can be incorporated into your hair by shaving the undercut women into the desired art. You can incorporate braids buns and ponytails to the rest of the unshaved hair to add a feminine touch. The style will work well on fine hair that needs a little spicing up to bring out the sass and glamour. What else can you ask for apart from this glam style?

  • Shaved Temple and Side Part

The hairstyle is associated with college girls who love experimenting without overhauling their entire look. You can achieve this style by incorporating a smaller shaved section on one side, which makes it easier to cover up by simply untucking the hair.  This look is more suited for thick hair.

Shaved Temple and Side Part


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