Altuzarra Fall/Winter 2013 – New York fashion week


Designer Joseph Altuzarra presented his Fall/Winter 2013 collection at New York fashion week Fall 2013. Extravagant, feminine and trendy collection with street vibe – this will be a crowd pleaser. Coat dresses, power suits, biker jackets, tops with fur details and sexy dresses.


Manon Leloup (Wilhelmina)

Manon Leloup

Manon Leloup1

Manon Leloup2

Esther Heesch (Next)

Esther Heesch2

Esther Heesch

Esther Heesch1

Chiharu Okunugi

Chiharu Okunugi

Sasha Luss (Women)

Sasha Luss

Sasha Luss1


Marine Deleeuw (Elite)

Marine Deleeuw

Marine Deleeuw1

Ashleigh Good (Ford)

Ashleigh Good

Ashleigh Good1

Ashleigh Good2

Tilda Lindstam (IMG)

Tilda Lindstam

Mila Mihaljcic

Mila Mihaljcic

Elena Bartels (DNA models)

Elena Bartels

Elena Bartels1

Josephine Le Tutour  (Elite)

Joséphine Le Tutour

Katlin Aas (Marilyn)

Katlin Aas

Katlin Aas1

Irina Nikolaeva (Women)

Irina Nikolaeva

Kayley Chabot  (Ford)

Kayley Chabot

Sun Feifei (Women)

Sun Feifei

Sun Feifei1

Daria Strokous (Women) 


Magdalena Jasek (Marilyn)


Irina Kravchenko (Women) 

irina k

Maria Loks (Next)

Maria Loks1

Maria Loks


Kel Markey


Aymeline Valade (Women) 

Aymeline Valade


Sigrid Agren (Elite)


Marie Piovesan (Marilyn)

Marie Piovesan

Kremi Otashliyska (Ford)

Kremi Otashliyska

Kremi Otashliyska1

Agne Konciute (Next)

Agne Konciute

Agne Konciute1

Caroline Brasch Nielsen (Marilyn)

Caroline Brasch Nielsen1

Caroline Brasch Nielsen

Shu Pei (NEXT)

shu pei

Kasia Struss (Women) 

Kasia S

Sam Rollinson

Sam Rollinson

Katya Riabynikina (Women)

Katya Riabinkina

Julia Frauche (Next)

Julia frauche

Anmari Botha (IMG)

Anmari Botha

Maria Bradley (DNA models)

Maria Bradley

Marique Schimmel (Supreme)

Marique Schimmel



Backstage beauty snaps…







Backstage …







Video: Youtube/SavoirFlairTV


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